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1. How to escape ? character in jdbc stored procedure calls

I would like to call this stored procedure with jdbc:

sp_msforeachtable "ALTER TABLE ? NOCHECK CONSTRAINT all"
JDBC thinks the ? is a placeholder for an argument. In fact it is used by ...

2. How to set INOUT parameters from frontend while calling a stored procedure

I developed a SP, say abc(a,b,c), where

  • a is IN parameter
  • b is OUT parameter
  • c is INOUT parameter.
If i call this sp directly from the DB as abc(<val>,?,?), I get err ...

3. Please help me in calling Stored Procedure from JDBC

This is my JDBC program

public class TestOCIApp {

    public static void main(String args[]) throws ClassNotFoundException,
            SQLException ...

4. how to call stored procedure and also get parameters from the web page

I am working on a web site, where i am listing a set of stored procedures on a page. user can click any of them, then it prompts another page where it asks for parameters for the stored procedure. After entering the parameters for the Stored Procedure user can submit the form on that page, it should call another servlet. where ...

5. calling stored procedure

If I need to call a stored procedure with 6 input parameters and 6 output parameters, how would I do this? Would it look like this?... cstmt = con.prepareCall("{?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ? = CALL MKTDS22B (?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?)}"); or this?... cstmt = con.prepareCall("(CALL MKTDS22B (?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ? ,?))" ...

6. How to call stored procedure in JDBC

7. call stored procedure from jdbc

8. problem calling stored procedure

I'm getting the following error when trying to call a stored procedure: java.sql.SQLException: ORA-01009: missing mandatory parameter It's a stored procedure that has 9 "OUT" parameters, and one "IN" parameter. My prepare statement looks like this: CallableStatement csStatement = m_cConnection.prepareCall("call PROC_FOO(?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ? )"); I'm registering all 9 "OUT" parameters as either java.sql.Types.VARCHAR ...

9. calling stored procedure

10. Stored Procedure Call Failed

11. Set path in calling stored procedures

12. Stored procedure call removes spaces in text

Hi All, I have written a stored procedure to store some data into a table. The stored procedure contains an insert statement that inserts a new record. There are a number of fields that are of type varchar. When I insert a new record using this stored procedure, all the spaces in the varchar fields are missing. so "how are you ...

13. Calling stored procedures from Java

14. calling stored procedures regarding STRUCTS of JDBC

Sample copied from Oracel database samples import java.sql.*; import oracle.sql.*; import oracle.jdbc.oracore.Util; import oracle.jdbc.*; import java.math.BigDecimal; public class ArrayExample { public static void main (String args[]) throws Exception { // Register the Oracle JDBC driver DriverManager.registerDriver(new oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver()); // The sample retrieves an varray of type "NUM_VARRAY", // materializes the object as an object of type ARRAY. // A new ARRAY is ...

16. Calling Stored procedures

I am trying to call a oracle 9i stored procedure from a stateless session bean. I want to send a array to stored procedure. i use the class ArrayDescriptor found in to send the array. The array descriptor needs Connection object as one of the parameter. Since i am using Weblogic app server, when i get a connection from the ...

17. Calling a stored procedure with an ARRAY

Hi all! I hope there is someone out there who could help me with this(for me diffcult, for others probably simple) assignment. I would like to call a stored procedure in Oracle with an array. According to specs I must first create an ArrayDescriptor in order to create an ARRAY object. But, since I don't have any connection object at this ...

18. How I can call Stored Procedure asynchronously from java function

public void callStoredProcedure(String sp_name) throws Exception { Connection conn = null ; CallableStatement cstmt= null ; try { conn = connect("Pdr"); String query = "{ call "+ sp_name+"(?) }"; cstmt = conn.prepareCall(query); cstmt.setString(1,"PDR_USER"); cstmt.execute(); } catch(Exception e) { System.out.println("Exception at dBOperation bean at callStoredProcedure()***"+e.getMessage()); e.printStackTrace(System.out); } finally { if(cstmt != null) cstmt.close(); if(conn != null) close(conn); } }

19. calling stored procedure

Sanjeev, It's difficult to say without seeing the stored procedure's signature, but there are a couple of things you can check. The registerOutParameter() method is used to capture parameters that are defined as OUT parameters in the stored procedure. See if the procedure has an OUT parameter as the first parameter. Also, I would guess if there is a OUT parameter, ...

20. J2ee app gets stuck at a stored procedure call

My stored procedure is: CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION Validate_Css_Status ( p_request_id IN VARCHAR2, o_request_id OUT VARCHAR2 ) RETURN VARCHAR2 IS status VARCHAR2(60); l_css_status VARCHAR2(100); l_resolved_on VARCHAR2(100); l_no_days NUMBER(5) :=0; l_count NUMBER(5) :=0; CURSOR c_status IS SELECT UPPER(ps.status_name) status_name,pr.request_id r_id FROM PMNT_REQUESTS pr, PMNT_STATUSES ps, PMNT_REQUEST_DETAILS prd WHERE pr.status_id=ps.status_id AND pr.request_id = prd.request_id AND prd.request_type_id=(SELECT request_type_id FROM PMNT_REQUEST_TYPES WHERE request_type_name='EPM - Client ...

21. calling stored procedure from java

Hi Haripriya, Your Java code is fine. The problem is with your SP. If you run it directly in Oracle you will find that it returns nothing. This is because you select the name into a variable. Oracle does not directly return data from stored procedures in a ResultSet as, for example, MS SQL Server and Sybase do. I believe that ...

22. Problem calling stored procedures

I am having problems calling my PL/SQL stored procedures in Oracle.. I am running the following code, and it fails where I have marked I am running my servlet on TOMCAT 4 I am successfully getting connected to the database.. CallableStatement cstmt = conn.prepareCall("?={call ldap_get_rqsts_details(?)}"); cstmt.registerOutParameter(1,OracleTypes.CURSOR); cstmt.setString(1,loginid); writer.println("now executing !"); cstmt.executeUpdate(); <---- code is failing here.. I get thrown the following ...

23. Calling stored procedure problems

I am a bit fed up about this stored procedure. Here is the summmary i ahve a package spec called DCT_2_0 and there types is declared as follows with the procedure decleration TYPE t_Model_Id IS TABLE OF EVDB.MDB_VALUE.VALUE_CODE%YPE INDEX BY BINARY_INTEGER; TYPE t_Model_Name IS TABLE OF EVDB.MDB_VALUE.VALUE_NAME%TYPE INDEX BY BINARY_INTEGER; PROCEDURE getModels ( p_Year_Code IN VARCHAR2, p_Make_Code IN VARCHAR2, P_Model_Id OUT ...

25. call stored procedure

26. Calling stored procedure asynchronously

I have a requirement in which a connection should made asynchronous call to stored procedure (which will contain to refresh a multiview in oracle). Why we need to make it asynchronous call is the refreshing will take few minutes for which we dont want the user to wait to get the success/fail message back. Is there any way to make such ...

27. Problem calling IN parameters Stored Procedure from Java

Hi guys, Please can someone help? I have a problem where i'm calling a stored procedure with two IN paramters from Java code and i keep on getting the same error. Here is my code below: /** * This method is used to call a specific stored procedure by name as well as supplying it with a supplied * accepted / ...

28. Calling stored procedure

29. Calling Stored Procedures in JavaScript ???

Hi : I wanted to know if there is a way I can make calls to a Oracle [or any other] Stored-procedures / functions in a JavaScript. The idea is to have one page (jsp) that has the form with maybe a userName and password and on the Submit button I would like it to talk to the stored procedure and ...

30. ORA-00933 when calling a stored procedure

I am calling a stored procedure from java like so... call DE.PR_NAME (? , ? , to_date(? , 'mm/dd/yyyy') , ?) I am using a CallableSQL to call this procedure and i fill in a parameter list which results in the call shown below. I got that from a debug statement on the console. call DE.PR_NAME (8 , 1223, to_date('04/30/2004' , ...

31. Related to calling stored procedure

32. calling a stored procedure

33. Calling Stored Procedure within package from Java

Its quite like calling normal stored procedures. Suppose you have this package: create or replace package TEST_PACKAGE is function TEST_PACKAGE_FUNCTION(c1 in double precision, c2 in double precision) return double precision ; end TEST_PACKAGE; you just call it like this: statement = connection.prepareCall("{ ? = call TEST_PACKAGE.TEST_PACKAGE_FUNCTION(?,?) }"); statement.registerOutParameter(1,java.sql.Types.DOUBLE); .... Just use the dotted notation. If you are interested in using stored ...

34. How to call java stored procedure

36. calling stored procedure with multiple IN/OUT parameters

Hi all, I have the store procedure as described below with four input fields and few output fields. I want to call this procedure from the method : dueDate(Request reqObj) { ... } I want to log the data that is there in reqObj. the input filed described in stored procedure are defined in the Request class. How would be the ...

37. Stored Procedure Making Two different Server Database Call

Hi, I have one stored procedure which makes call to three sybase databases (all are in same server) There is an sp GetAllFunds compiled on one of sybase db and this sp fetches data from two other sybase database using db2.. & db3.. Now one of my sybase database is moving to Oracle (different database server), so what change is required ...

39. calling stored procedure through java

40. Calling Stored Procedures from oragle10g

please help me with my code i cant seem to run it from java i have google sample codes and try using it but it dosnt work String sql = "call pckg_insert_event.trakout('" + lt.getLotClass() + lt.getLotNo() +"','"+lt.getDevice()+"',"+ lt.getWaferQty() + "," + lt.getShipQty() + ",'"+ lt.getInvoiceNo() + "')"; CallableStatement cStmt = conn.prepareCall(sql); The SQL statement is this call pckg_insert_event.trakout('AJ1234567890','ORMIC-012',2,2008,'1234567890')

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