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1. Representing a text file as single unit in Java, and matching strings in the text

How can I have a text file (or XML file) represented as a whole string, and search for (or match) a particular string in it? I have created a BufferedReader object:

BufferedReader input ...

2. Java noob question - how to store a string to a new text file

Here is my scenario: Selenium grabbed some text on the html page and convert it to a string (String store_txt = selenium.getText("text");) - the text is dynamically generated. Now I want to store ...

3. Java - Creating a string by selecting certain numbers from within a text file

I have a .txt file that has numbers 1-31 in it called numbers. I've set up a scanner like this:

    cardCreator = new Scanner (new File ("numbers"));
After ...

4. Checking a file for a certain string in Java

I'm trying to have my application read through a text file and look for a string. If the string does not exist, it makes it using println. The only problem I'm ...

5. Copying a java text file into a String

I run into the following errors when i try to store a large file into a string.

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
    at java.util.Arrays.copyOf(

6. Whole text file to a String in Java

Does Java has a one line instruction to read to a text file, like what C# has? I mean, is there something equivalent to this in Java?:

String data = System.IO.File.ReadAllText("path to file");
If ...

7. className.main(new String[]{"filename.txt"})?

I created a class that does some file parsing for me. I made it possible to be started as a standalone application, taking file name from command line. Now I created another ...

8. Text file into Java List using Commons or Guava

What is the most elegant way to put each line of text (from the text file) into LinkedList (as String object) or some other collection, using Commons or Guava libraries. ...

9. problem in reading text file

I have a text file where i have names and passwords separated by :.

In the login page if the user gives the correct username and password it will lead you to ...

10. how to get complete text which is in a docx file table cell into a single string

I am trying to get the docx file table data in java code using docx4j api. Here i am trying to get the each cell data at a time .how ...

11. Return the text of a file as a string?

Possible Duplicate:
How to create a Java String from the contents of a file
Is it possible to process a multi-lined text file and return its ...

12. Easy way to get formated number from a text file?

so I know in C++ I can just do this:

ifstream file("data/maps/ssdebug1.cfg");
    string line;
float startx = 0;
    sscanf (line.c_str(), "start-x = %f;", &startx);
But is there a ...

13. Utils read resource text file to String (Java)

Is there any Utils help reader a textfile in resource into a String. I suppose this is a popular requirement, but I couldn't found any Utils after Googling. Thanks

14. How can I read a .txt file into a single Java string while maintaining line breaks?

Virtually every code example out there reads a TXT file line-by-line and stores it in a String array. I do not want line-by-line processing because I think it's an unnecessary waste ...

15. Guice change binding by property (string in external text file)/ on runtime

how to change/set a binding by a property/string given in a property/text file? in my case i want to implement a kind of "demo mode". In normal mode a property gives an ...

16. Using Java to read and process textfile with custom column and row separators

I have a text file which contains content scraped from webpages. The text file is structured like this: |NEWTAB|lkfalskdjlskjdflsj|NEWTAB|lkjsldkjslkdjf|NEWTAB|sdlfkjsldkjf|NEWLINE|lksjlkjsdl|NEWTAB|lkjlkjlkj|NEWTAB|sdkjlkjsld |NEWLINE| indicates the start of a new line (i.e., a new row in the ...

18. Text file to string and vice versa

private void save(String filename) { try { FileWriter out = new FileWriter(filename); out.write(text_.getText().toCharArray()); System.out.println("Saving: " + text_.getText()); out.close(); } catch(IOException e) {} } private void load(String filename) { FileReader in = null; try { in = new FileReader(filename); StringBuffer sb = new StringBuffer(); int c =; while(-1 != c) { sb.append((char)c); c =; } text_.setText(sb.toString()); in.close(); } catch(IOException e) ...

20. Writing String to a Text file

Hello everybody, I want to write a string to a text file and my code is as follows: public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception { String path = "C:/HW/wsh_xml_en-us_002/hwxml/xml/aa10/0012"; File filelist = new File(path); File file[] = filelist.listFiles(); ArrayList al = new ArrayList(); for (int i = 0; i < file.length; i++) { System.out.println("The first file is:" + file[i].getName()); writefile(file[i].getName()); ...

22. Changing Strings on a text file..

Most editors (there are tons of fere editors out there for every platform) support a Replace All funtion. However, since we're here to learn about Java . . . As Robert pointed out, you can read in the entire file to a StringBuffer and use indexOf()/replace() repeatedly or if you are using JDK 1.5, read it into a String and use ...

23. Problem with writing a String containing both English and Non-English chars into a text file.

Hi All, I am on Windows XP OS, latest Java SDK and latest Eclipse. I am reading a string from an input file, which contains both English and non-English characters. (I have installed on Windows the required support for the other language, so I can read it on Windows apps such as notepad). While debugging with Eclipse, I see that the ...

24. problem reading a string from a text file

Hello all I'm currently working on a correction over some values from a text file that contain numbers with another that contains numbers as well. So I need to read the string that contains the numbers, that are semicolon separated values, convert it to doubles and then check with the numbers from another similar file. This is my code private void ...

25. get string from a text file

Sure, just read through the text file. After reading each line, see if it contains editor: and extract the next token. One way to do this would be to use a Scanner object and use a while (scanner.hasNextLine()) to extract the nextLine() from the file. Then you could use a String method to see if the read line contains "name:", if ...

26. text file into a string?

Hi, I need to turn a .txt file into a string? so I can then loop through and get the names out and their corresponding test scores. This is what i currently have, I need it to be in a string instead of printing out, once I got the string I'll work on writing the loops. Thanks. Java Code: import*; ...

27. Writing a long string to a text file

Hi, im writing a huge string into a text file in my java program...the full text is getting printed in the system.out.println() statement.... but all the text is not getting printed...only the last line is getting printed...can sumbdy tell me why is this and can you give me a solution? this is my code snippet.. List> sentences = tagger.tokenizeText(new ...

28. Writing a long string to a text file

Hi, im writing a huge string into a text file in my java program...the full text is getting printed in the system.out.println() statement.... but full text is not getting printed in the text file...only the last line is getting printed...can sumbdy tell me why is this and can you give me a solution? this is my code snippet.. List> ...

29. Problem writing multiple strings to a text file

Hi I am writing a program where I will have to write many Strings into a text file, so I want to create a separate method to which I can pass a String and it will write the String to a new line in the file. But how many Strings I may pass it only writes the last one. Can someone ...

30. Problems with writing String values to a text file

Currently I am working on a project that prompts users to enter a question in a text field, then looks for the question in a series of text files, then prints out an answer. At this point, I am working on a login JFrame that takes the users data and stores it in a text file. However, when I tell it ...

31. Can java run some statement from a text file or string?

Much better, thank you. The answer is yes and no. The Java language does not directly support scripting. There's no language level "eval" statement like there would be in a shell scripting language, or some other languages. However, you can use a "glue language" library like jython or beanshell, and starting with version 1.6, there is some level of scripting integration ...

32. read String from text file and combination

this is my text file (2,3) (2,-4) (2,dpwg) (-5,3) (-5,-4) (-5,dpwg) (ggtd,3) (ggtd,-4) (ggtd,dpwg) and i want to et out put like this from my text file ..could anyone help me plz?? output is below (2,3)(2,-4)(2,dpwg) (2,3)(2,-4)(-5,dpwg) (2,3)(2,-4)(ggtd,dpwg) (2,3)(-5,-4)(2,dpwg) (2,3)(-5,-4)(-5,dpwg) (2,3)(-5,-4)(ggtd,dpwg) (2,3)(ggtd,-4)(2,dpwg) (2,3)(ggtd,-4)(-5,dpwg) (2,3)(ggtd,-4)(ggtd,dpwg) (-5,3)(2,-4)(2,dpwg) (-5,3)(2,-4)(-5,dpwg) (-5,3)(2,-4)(ggtd,dpwg) (-5,3)(-5,-4)(2,dpwg) (-5,3)(-5,-4)(-5,dpwg) (-5,3)(-5,-4)(ggtd,dpwg) (-5,3)(ggtd,-4)(2,dpwg) (-5,3)(ggtd,-4)(-5,dpwg) (-5,3)(ggtd,-4)(ggtd,dpwg) (ggtd,3)(2,-4)(2,dpwg) (ggtd,3)(2,-4)(-5,dpwg) (ggtd,3)(2,-4)(ggtd,dpwg) (ggtd,3)(-5,-4)(2,dpwg) (ggtd,3)(-5,-4)(-5,dpwg) (ggtd,3)(-5,-4)(ggtd,dpwg) (ggtd,3)(ggtd,-4)(2,dpwg) (ggtd,3)(ggtd,-4)(-5,dpwg) ...

33. writing a string into a text file

I have a couple of string to write into text file ---- for example-- String test1="aaa"; String test2="bbbb"; String test3="c"; String test4="dd"; --- condition to write into text file.... test1 has to write between 1 - 5 position. test2 has to write between 6 - 15 postition. test3 has to write between 16 - 10 position. test4 has to write between ...

34. Writing a tokenized string to a text file

You may find the answer yourself by trying to answer the question: Where in this code do you write tokenized text to any file? After you answer that, I am curious what the second half of your program is supposed to do where you create and promptly close a bunch of input streams.

35. Reading a 15Mb Txt file into a String

36. Creating new text file (txt.) everytime a string is passed in

Dear all, need some help from you all. I am now developing a web service program to allow users to type in a string of characters. And will need to create txt. file to store this strings. Currently, i hard code the directory and the name of the txt file (e.g C: test.txt) does anyone know if possible solution to create ...

37. How to read and write a string into a txt.file

Hi, I am now using BEA Workshop for Weblogic Platform version10. I am using J2EE is my programming language. The problem I encounter is as the above title; how to read and write a string into a txt.file with a specific root directory? Do you have any sample codes to reference? I hope someone can answer my question as soon as ...

38. How to read a String from a simple text file.

39. Write text file to string?

... I won't be needing this. That was a long time back. Then i never knew what were the coding conventions. And the example i produced was when i was still learning java(didn't know what were the coding conventions then) and the same example i have picked and posted. There's a difference between now and then both in terms of time ...

40. how to write a lengthy string to a text file in a single line

That is because Notepad displays it that way, not because the file contains multiple lines. Open Notepad, click the menu Format and make sure that Word Wrap is off. If the line is really long, Notepad may display it in multiple lines regardless of the word wrap setting. There's nothing you can do about that, that's just how Notepad works. Use ...

41. Writing text file with string containing "\n"

Am trying to write a string in a file this way try { BufferedWriter out = new BufferedWriter(new FileWriter(path+" Server safe "+fileName)); out.write(content); out.close(); } catch (IOException e) { System.out.println ("EXCEPTION : "+e); } If the string has "\n" ,.. they are being discarded and the file is saved as one straight line. Please help!

42. Reading Each String From a text File

Hello everyone..., I've a doubt in File...cos am not aware of File.....Could anyone plz tell me how do i read each String from a text file and store those Strings in each File...For example if a file contains "Java Tchnology forums, File handling in Java"... The output should be like this... Each file should contains each String....i.e..., Java-File1,Technology-File2...and so on....Plz anyone ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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