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4. writing onto a file    forums.oracle.com

//urdu_synset contains the urdu string //string1,string2,etc are english strings fw=new FileWriter("news.txt",true); fw.write(" \n" + "\n" + "ID :: " + string1 + "\n"); fw.write("CAT :: " + string2 + "\n"); fw.write("CONCEPT :: " + string3 + "\n"); fw.write("EXAMPLE :: " + string4 + "\n"); fw.write("SYNSET-URDU :: "); fw.close(); fos=new FileOutputStream("news.txt",true); osw=new OutputStreamWriter(fos,"Unicode"); osw.write(urdu_synset); osw.flush();

5. itext and java web start -> file cannot be written    forums.oracle.com

I don't know that API (what API is it? from where?), but it reads as if you were just creating the document, but not writing it. Which line of code should actually write the document to the output stream? Is it done automatically? I don't think so, if you end up with 0k file. You probably have to call some write ...

6. writing file    forums.oracle.com

Hi All, I want to write a mapping method from one file to another. So far I have writtent a code to read a file and get records in String strRecord [1]=00017578442P1060054J799 4630106518W6E 999350975147 65 & 00001 Q 06910 U$U$ U$ 00001 Q 06924000-6000- 00001 Q 0693 RTRAN41832900014RTRAD425104 00001 Q This is my record now I wan to create another record ...

7. How to write a Huge File.    forums.oracle.com

8. Writing into a file inside a package!!!    forums.oracle.com

Hello All!! I have an XMl file inside my project package. The path of which i get only as an input stream. MyClass.class.getResourceAsStream("MyXMLFile"); But now i want to be able to write into that file. I tried converting the stream into URI as : MyClass.class.getResource("MyXMLFile).toURI(); And cthen onverting it into a file. But when i run it , i get an ...

9. Write with a buffer to the exact file size.    forums.oracle.com

10. How to avoid duplicates when writing a file    forums.oracle.com

} catch (IOException e) { // catch io errors from FileInputStream or readLine() System.out.println("Uh oh, got an IOException error!" + e.getMessage()); } finally { // if the file opened okay, make sure we close it if (dis != null) { try { dis.close(); } catch (IOException ioe) { } } } } } error what i am getting is false Not ...

11. How to avoid duplicates when writing a file    forums.oracle.com

} catch (IOException e) { // catch io errors from FileInputStream or readLine() System.out.println("Uh oh, got an IOException error!" + e.getMessage()); } finally { // if the file opened okay, make sure we close it if (dis != null) { try { dis.close(); } catch (IOException ioe) { } } } } } error what i am getting is false Not ...

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13. Help with writing to file    forums.oracle.com

14. Can't write files!!!    forums.oracle.com

15. problem in writing data in file......    forums.oracle.com

i am having problem in passing a String object path ; taken from user in following way FileWriter fw = new FileWriter(path,append); error is : (The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect) but if i am using FileWriter fw = new FileWriter("f.txt",append); it works... but i want filename from user... how to achieve this

16. writing to the file    forums.oracle.com

Hi, i've got a little problem. I have a text file (about20,000 lines) and i want to write to end this file one control line. how can i do that? i don't want to read hole file, a just want to put one line in file. is there any method for this?? such this: "name_of_file.write("last line");" thanks for any knowledge, best ...

17. how to write to file    forums.oracle.com

I'm reading in from two separate files, one file contains a number on the each line like and the other contains texts, I want to add the number in front of the text, is there a way to just simply add teh number to the front of each line in the 2nd file? the only way i know is to store ...

18. Write a file on the client computer    forums.oracle.com

Hey everyone Here is the situation I'm running a AJAX application (GWT 1.3), and compiling in Eclipse (jre 1.6). My application works fine. Now my problem comes in where i have to write a file on the clients computer. The typical scenario would be this..... I'm computer A(server) Computer B (Client ) Client connects to my app in computer A and ...

19. Writing to file    forums.oracle.com

I want to write some data to an ASCII file. I currently have a large output algorithm, that displays data on the screen, and I was wondering if there was a way that I could modify my code so that everything that is displayed on the screen throughout certain parts of my program is also written to a file. Like, could ...

20. how to write a filename    forums.oracle.com

21. Problem with writing Files with JInternalPane    forums.oracle.com

22. writing to a file    forums.oracle.com

23. Trying to Write Files in Java    forums.oracle.com

On that site, it says this: Can applets read or write files? In Java-enabled browsers, untrusted applets cannot read or write files at all. By default, downloaded applets are considered untrusted. There are two ways for an applet to be considered trusted: 1. The applet is installed on the local hard disk, in a directory on the CLASSPATH used by the ...

24. Problem with File writing    forums.oracle.com

Hye I have a recursive function in which I have a loop which generates a string in its each execution.I want to write this string in a file on new line. Now because this is recursive function, I have opened file on start of the function.I get the file blank after execution.I think it overwrites the previously written strings.Is it like ...

25. How to write each argument to the file    forums.oracle.com

/* public ConsoleInputHandler() throws IOException { try{ bw = new BufferedWriter(new FileWriter("C:\\sendmail.txt", true)); }catch (IOException ioe){ioe.printStackTrace(); } finally { // always close the file if (bw != null) try { bw.close(); } catch (IOException ioe2) { // just ignore it } } // end } public static void smtpMail(String header){ System.out.println("To"+header); try{ bw.write(header); }catch (IOException ioe){ ioe.printStackTrace(); } finally { // ...

26. Write the Object to FIle    forums.oracle.com

But there is an issue. That is object serialization will produce data of different sizes even for the different objects of same classes. If you want fixed length records in your random access file you will have to either write your own code to conver attributes of the object in to records. or you can ad a padding to the serialized ...

28. no newline characters recognized while reading from and writing to files!    forums.oracle.com

I don't know if you should even use a BufferedReader in this case. You could read using a FileReader and just append the char[] to your FileEditor... There's no need to know about the internal structure of "text with new lines" if you don't use it! If you still want to use BufferedReader then just append System.getProperty("line.separator") unless you are using ...

29. Writing at The End of The File    forums.oracle.com

30. Writing into files    forums.oracle.com

31. Writing a File to filesystem    forums.oracle.com

Let's say I received a File object through a socket or by deserialising it with readObject()... how do I write it to HDD?? I've always made File objects like: new File("C://temp/aaa.txt"); but what do I do if I already got a File instance and want to make a physical file on a hdd from it?? I feel like this is something ...

32. writing a Time24 object to a file    forums.oracle.com

/** * The Main class offers the user four options to reate a file consisting * of Strings, Time24 Objects, or Integers. The user enters data of * the appropriate type until a sentinel value is reached. * Calls on insertionSortR and binSearch methods when needed. * The fourth option is to search the file for a specified item * * ...

33. writing in file    forums.oracle.com

34. Writing to a file without overwriting.    forums.oracle.com

35. Writing to a file , Puts spaces in between the characters.    forums.oracle.com

Hi, I open a new file and write a string "hello" using the following code public void writeToFile() throws Exception{ FileOutputStream fos; DataOutputStream dos; File file= new File("temp.txt"); fos = new FileOutputStream(file); dos=new DataOutputStream(fos); dos.writeChars("hello"); } The above code creates a file temp.txt and dumps *h*e*l*l*o* here * is a place holder for a space. Could anyone please tell me how ...

36. Is it possible to write a Java file that creates/compiles other Java files?    forums.oracle.com

My goal is to write a program that writes files containing Java code depending on the user's input. That's the easy part. The tough part, I think, is to get the Java file to use the Java compiler to compile, and run, those newly created files. I know this sounds crazy, but I really want to get this to work. Can ...

37. Writing to a File: Java.io    forums.oracle.com

Good day, I would like to know if it is possible to use a general file for 20 to 30 users. What will happen when two or more users try to open and save a same file simultaneously? Will the thing crash, will there be an exception or will it work? Thanks for you help! Dimitri Depaepe.

38. Write a File    forums.oracle.com

39. Writing to a file    forums.oracle.com

Hi there, I'm writing to a txt file with a FileWriter with: writer = new FileWriter(file file); writer.write(output.toCharArray()); // output is of type String. In some cases, when the String is large, the program does not write to the file at all. What is teh maximum String length that can be held in a String/StringBuffer? And shoudl I be using something ...

40. Best approach to read a large amount of data and write it to a file    forums.oracle.com

What would be the best way to accelerate the process of: 1)Reading from a db2 about hundred of thousands of record 2)Writing the data to a txt file (approx. size is 400MB) The current application is getting the result set as follows: paramStmt = con.createStatement(); paramRS = paramStmt .executeQuery(query); While looping the record set, writing to a txt file is performed ...

41. Weird characters appear after write to a file    forums.oracle.com

Here is my story: I open a file using RandomAccessFile to replace some characters inside it. Let's say I have in the file string 4000, I replace it by string 400. It works fine. Now if I replace this number by string 40000, when I check the text file, some weird characters like ^M appear everywhere at the end of lines. ...

43. Writing Chinese Character to a html file    forums.oracle.com

Hi, I have met a problem. I have submited a chinese word from a html form, and I write the data I have gotten directly to a html file. After that I went to open the html file that I have just generated, it didn't seems to be able to display the chinese words. But, I have tried writing to a ...

44. writing to a readonly file    forums.oracle.com

45. Writing file with accented characters    forums.oracle.com

Hi, I am writing a JAVA app that reads from a URL and then writes out a file. It works ok except when some the data has accented characters in the data (chars like ). These accented characters get garbled. Here is part of my code: InputStream in = null; FileOutputStream out = null; URL urlMain = null; File destFile ...

47. How do I read and write files on a mac?    forums.oracle.com

On my windows it's easy, but when I try to write files and read them on a Mac the filepath is always wrong. I want to write to my "Documents" folder, and when I do /Documents/Hello.txt as a filepath it gets it wrong. I don't know why it won't work because I'm not too familiar with macs yet. Any help with ...

48. writing in a file    forums.oracle.com

49. Help... writing an int to file...    forums.oracle.com

no not that... let me try to explain.... for example: the code for the symbol "&" is 130 (just a example)... when I write it to the file it becomes "?" wich code is 63... so I have lost the info... the number 130... so I want a way to store a value greater than 127 (ascii) in the form of ...

50. Which is the fastest way to write to a file?    forums.oracle.com

I have to write a huge chunk of data to a file and the writing operation has to be very fast. Should i use FileWriter, BufferedWriter, FileOutputStream or DataOutputStream. Please help. First of all, you should read the APIs of those classes to find out what they're actually good for, because none of them can replace any other, and three of ...

51. Writing string to a file writes more number of characters    forums.oracle.com

A char in Java is two bytes. It sounds like you're writing out the chars directly, rather than using a BufferedWriter or PrintWriter's methods that take a String and turn the chars that can fit in single byte into single bytes. Also, you'd expect it to be 154, not 155, if you did 1 byte per char: 0..153.

52. Strange characters when writing files    forums.oracle.com

I've made a program using a FileWriter. The program is coded and compiled on a Linux PC. I'm using the filewriter to dynamically write HTML-lines. I use "\r" to write returns. On my Linux PC and on my Windows XP sp2 laptop it works fine. On the PC of a friend it does not work correctly. It sees the "\r" as ...

53. write to file    forums.oracle.com

54. is it possible to arrange string while writing to a file    forums.oracle.com

You need to organise the task in your mind. We can't help you until you can make a clear statement of what you are trying to do, and by the time you have that you will probably have your solution. Regular expression processing can help (see Javadoc for java.util.regexp) - that allows you to define a kind of template for part ...

56. about writing to a file    forums.oracle.com

hi, it would really help me if anyone can answer me what he knows about those four questions: 1. if we use the PrintWriter.close() method, it can't be before the whole proccess of writing to the file is over, right? because I understand after using it the PritWriter objest won't be able to write to that file any longer. is it ...

57. Write to file    forums.oracle.com

Hello, I'm trying to write country specific characters such as to a file, but it doesn't seem to work. I am using FileWriter.write(String), but the written character is . This happens with other characters as well. I tried to manually write to a file, i saved the file and it worked. Also, Java is able to display this characters. ...

58. How does buffer size affect the reading and writing of files?    forums.oracle.com

As for which size is appropriate, there are probably guidelines based on what kind of physical I/O you're doing and other criteria, but in general, it's the size that works well when tested at the scales at which you expect your code to run in production. I would guess anywhere between 4k and 32k, though certain niche contexts may have more ...

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