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1. API to write huge excel files using java    stackoverflow.com

I am looking to write to an excel (.xls MS Excel 2003 format) file programatically using Java. The excel output files may contain ~200,000 rows which I plan to split ...

2. lightweight Java api for writing excel file    stackoverflow.com

I need to create an excel file with simple text data. Concretely, it will allocate a list (one per cell) of email addresses. Data volume will be aprox 200000, so, I ...

3. What is the best way to write an excel file from Java?    stackoverflow.com

What library would you guys recommend to write an excel file from Java? It has to be pure Java solution, so it will work on any platform. Thanks, Grae EDIT: It can't be ...

4. Writing Details into Excel File    coderanch.com

5. writing to a excel file from java program    java-forums.org

I'd just like to point out that any package NOT starting with one of these: java. javax. is a custom/community package i.e. not standard and thats why you will need to download them yourself also its usually best to download the latest and most stable version. look for user feedback and if the latest version doesnt have any serious bugs then ...

6. how to write to an excel file    forums.oracle.com

how do i write to a Microsoft Excel file? is there a java class for this anywhere? i know how to write to notepad. but i am trying to make a program that creates financial statements like balance sheets and income statements based on user input. To get the format right for these financial statements its necessary to use excel, how ...

7. Not able to write into excel file    forums.oracle.com

Looks to me like you are trying to open the same file for writing as you still have open for reading. 1) Write to a temporary file. 2) Rename the original file to a temp name. 3) Rename the temp file in 1) to the original name. 4) Delete the file from 2).

9. How do I write a plot file for further modification in Excel?    forums.oracle.com

I have in the past made some reasonably nice data and results plots in Java, but my scientific colleagues still like to modify them for their purposes, and I havent provided that with my BufferedImage printed plots. Its easy to write a data file that can be easily read and plotted by excel, but I want to have a few title, ...

10. Can't write excel file    forums.oracle.com

Hi, I have a download function. when user click download, javascript opens a window, the opened page will output excel file using Content-Disposition inline;filename=my.xls. contentType is applicaiton/xls. It works in IE6. But now some users in IE7, when they click download, the window opened and closed immediately. There even isn't a popup box asking for save/open/cancel. How can I fix this? ...

11. How to set the header of the file to excel type when writing it?    forums.oracle.com

Hello, I am using POI API to read an excel file that I have previously written using Java, but not using POI (I've written the file using Microsoft office xml and then writing it using FileOutputStream with an xls extension). The problem is that when I read back the file I am getting this error: The system was unable to upload ...

12. writing a row to excel file    forums.oracle.com

13. writing to an excel file    forums.oracle.com

I can use whatever works and its easy to use it. I went to its sf.net project page to download it, but it doesnt have any files there to download. Do you know any other place to download it? I would appreciate if you could just give me an example on how write to a specific cell in an existing xls ...

14. Writing to Excel File    forums.oracle.com

15. write Attributes for a Excel File    forums.oracle.com

16. Writing Excel Files    forums.oracle.com

17. How to Write data in Excel File using java    forums.oracle.com

18. write several time in an excel file?    forums.oracle.com

19. write value in a excel file?    forums.oracle.com

when I execute the code step by step; after the line workbook.write(); it generate an new exception : Exception in thread "Thread-6" java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 100 How do you know this? Where do you have that exception message line from? I ask because, I see you're catching the exceptions that occur in or after workbook.write(), and your not mentioning ex.getMessage() in your optionpane. ...

21. Out of Memeory writing data to EXCEL file    forums.oracle.com

Hi I writing one lakh records to excel file ,i am getting out of memory exception. I got to know that Excel allows only 65K rows to write. Could any suggest me what i can do so that I can write my one lakh records to excel. I am trying creating another sheet but even though I am facing out of ...

22. Writing data in Excel file    forums.oracle.com

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