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1. Should one use Tapestry 5 for a production release?    stackoverflow.com

We're starting a large web project, mostly green field. I like the Tapestry framework for java/web solutions. I have concerns about starting a Tapestry 5 project since T5 is still in ...

2. How can I hide extra component span tags in Tapestry?    stackoverflow.com

If I use a span tag to render a component like <span jwcid="@If" .../>, my HTML ends up with a bunch of useless span tags. Most of the time, that's ok, ...

3. Is there an easy way to add a "Choose" option to a Tapestry PropertyModel dropdown    stackoverflow.com

I have a Tapestry PropertyModel for gender. Right now the dropdown just shows Male and Female because those are the only values in my model. I'd like to add a ...

4. Using JSCookMenu in tapestry5    stackoverflow.com

I'm try to upgrade my project using tapestry4 to tapestry5. And I'm looking for a component to use JSCookMenu in tapestry5.

5. How can I use InvokeListener in tapestry5?    stackoverflow.com

How can I convert this code

<span jwcid="permissionInEachStep@InvokeListener"
into tapestry5 or have a different way to invoke method?

6. Which Java web framework best accomodates web designers?    stackoverflow.com

Which Java web framework best supports the "web UI designer" role? That is, which framework lets you:

  • Use popular web design tools (XHTML validators, CSS editors, &c.) on your views/pages
  • View changes without ...

7. Smack api and Java    stackoverflow.com

I am using Tapestry 5, Smack api 3.1.0. I have established a connection and am able to communicate with a user through the xmpp server but the replies i get are sent ...

8. Technologies required to build an end to end web application?    stackoverflow.com

I want to develop a web application, like an online scheduler. (Yes I know it's been done a million times.) Most of my experience is in Java, so I want to leverage ...

9. Using Tapestry jwcid attribute and @Block component for CSS classing?    stackoverflow.com

How does the Block component handle CSS classes? I have code like this:

<style type="text/css">
  .nameColumnHeader { width: 30%; }
  .nameColumnValue { width: 30%; vertical-align:top; }

10. How would you recommend I extend the Insert class in Tapestry 4?    stackoverflow.com

I don't have much Tapestry experience so I don't really know where to start. I need to extend the Insert component with a new component, say NewInsert, that applies a given CSS ...

11. Tapestry 4.1 - using a Script component with an external js    stackoverflow.com

Is it possible to use a @Script component to render a script tag pointing to a js file hosted on a different server? Basically, I need to inject a script tag such ...

12. Are there any good Tapestry 5 components for implementing tabs/ tabbed navigation?    stackoverflow.com

Also, if there are, which would you recommend?

13. Integrate Extjs on frontend and Tapestry on backend    stackoverflow.com

I had a project that requires the use of Extjs as the frontend of my program and tapestry on the backend. I am new with both, but still able to create the ...

14. how to use PageEvent in tapestry4 to sendRedirect to another page    stackoverflow.com

public void pageValidate(PageEvent event) {
        //how to use pageEvent to sendRedirect to google.com ?

15. Insert link/asset into a localized message in Tapestry 5    stackoverflow.com

I'd like to insert a link (as an -Tag) and/or an Asset (as an -Tag) into localized Messages in Tapestry 5. Is there any way to generate the HTML so that ...

16. t4 multiple select    stackoverflow.com

I need to implement a multiple select in tapestry 4.1. The example supplied in the component docs is pretty lame as it requires multiple components/properties to do one simple thing. ...

17. tapestry 4 contrib table call getModel() multiple times    stackoverflow.com

public IBasicTableModel getModel() {
        return new IBasicTableModel() {

            public int getRowCount() {


18. tapestry 4 generate valid XHTML    stackoverflow.com

is it possible to generate valid XHTML in tapestry 4.1.x ? i specifically need the shell to generate the proper XHTML headers and can work around the actual body content - ie ...

19. Multiple Tapestry modules in one web application    stackoverflow.com

Is it possible to have more than one tapestry5 module in one web application? Every Tapestry module has an AppModule.java file, which if i'm correct, is supposed to handle only one ...

20. tapestry4 method called when page load    stackoverflow.com

pagevalidate() method will be called each time the page is refresh and i did some action on the page. I looking for a method that will only be call first time ...

21. RegistryShutdownListener throws exception    stackoverflow.com

acording to the docs on service lifecycle i should be able to implement RegistryShutdownListener and tidy up my resources (in this case, shutdown a threadpool) however it is throwing ...

22. Problem with Tapestry palette's arrow icons in IE8    stackoverflow.com

I'm using Tapestry to create pages for a web app, and have been using the palette component to add/delete items to/from a group. The page looks great in Firefox (Tapestry seems biased ...

23. tapestry4: Access visit object from IEngineService implementation    stackoverflow.com

what is the best way to get a reference to the current session's visit object from an implementation of IEngineService? on my pages/components i access it via @InjectState("visit") public abstract Visit getVisit(). Can ...

24. Tapestry5 display grid component using a hashmap    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to attempt to display a hashmap using a grid component. If I use

List list = CollectionFactory.newList(MyHashMap);
it returns a list however on my template page I see <theader>Empty</tHeader> and ...

25. Good resources for building web-app in Tapestry    stackoverflow.com

I'm currently researching into Tapestry for my company and trying to decide if I think we can port our pre-existing proprietary web applications to something better. Currently we are running Tomcat ...

26. Help creating a JavaScript mixin in Tapestry5?    stackoverflow.com

I am creating a mixin which renders a javascript file when a textfield gains focus. I am new to the idea of mixins in Tapestry, and I am unsure of where to ...

27. How to display a confirmation message in Tapestry5?    stackoverflow.com

I am developing a website as part of my final year project and I want to display a message which confirms that an email has been sent. I know how to display ...

28. Code a search on my tapestry website?    stackoverflow.com

What is the best way to code a search for my website developed in tapestry? I have the following code in my layout.tml:

<div id="search" > 
  <form method="get" action="#"> 

29. Tapestry 5, loading css from filesystem    stackoverflow.com

We are creating a Tapestry 5 webapp with an external designer creating and maintaining the css-files of the application. We would like him to be able to make changes to the ...

30. How to use a java socket in tapestry5?    stackoverflow.com

How do I implement a java socket in tapestry5? What I want to do is create a socket which I can send an XmlHttpRequest over, through a piece of javascript code.

function sendPost(url, ...

31. Displaying an applet in tapestry5?    stackoverflow.com

I am getting a strange error when trying to display an applet on a page in my tapestry application. The error says that there is an incompatible magic value. Is there a ...

32. How to deploy a project developed in Tapestry5?    stackoverflow.com

I have just completed a project as part of a college degree. However I would like to deploy the project and make it live. I am unsure of how to do this as ...

33. Extract ID from Tapestry URLs    stackoverflow.com

I have a tapestry url that looks like

how do i get the 88 bit? thanks. Tapestry is such a pain to use

34. Tapestry 5.2 where do I define a class?    stackoverflow.com

I have a class that I am using for each row in a grid, it is the mix of multiple entities data. the question is where to put it? I tried ...

35. Tapestry error "does not contain a component"    stackoverflow.com

i have this exception in a Tapestry 3 page.

Component ????????????$Enhance_49@d4159f[??????Page] does not contain a component xComponent.
The component exists, nobody here knows what kind of problem ...

36. Tapestry5: Page with structure like page-loop-customComponent-form does not work    stackoverflow.com

I have the following situation: I have Page which activated in some context (for example "/page/ctx1") I have component DayJournalItem which inserted in page via t:loop

<div t:type="Loop" t:source="journalDays" t:value="journalDay"

37. Return non-HTML, non-JSON http bodies in Tapestry 5?    stackoverflow.com

I have to implement the service provider of the OAuth protocol in a project that uses Tapestry5. Therefor I just need to return a very simple HTTP response body that is ...

38. What's the approach to add javascript to a Tapestry application?    stackoverflow.com

I'm starting with an existing webapp built with Tapestry. I can't figure out where to put the Javascript I need. Basically this application has a single page capturing data into a ...

39. Reusing page chunks in Tapestry 5    stackoverflow.com

How can I re-use chunks of TML markup between pages? I want to refactor repetitive code out into a component, similar to a tag file or a jsp include.

40. How do I use Tapestry-Security?    stackoverflow.com

I discovered Tapestry 5, quite recently, its clear separation between view and controller, the use of name standardization instead of XML made me go for it straight. Quite frankly I don't ...

41. Testing Tapestry pages and components with JUnit    stackoverflow.com

I usually try to minimize testing with Selenium and maximize the usage of plain old back-end testing (JUnit, mocking). With Tapestry I am finding it hard to test pages and components ...

42. How to create a multiple basket selection with Tapestry    stackoverflow.com

Let's consider following problem. There is a page that contains baskets. A basket is a component that contains a list of items such as fruits or cars or whatever. In the page there ...

43. Creating a form with a dynamic number of elements in Tapestry    stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to generate a form with a variable - on the server side - number of text fields. The tapestry page looks similar to:

<form t:id="form">
    <t:loop source="typesOfIncome" ...

44. Understanding Tapestry Principle 1. "Static Structure, Dynamic Behaviour"    stackoverflow.com

I'm learning tapestry 5 web framework but I don't understand the principle 1 about it: "Static Structure, Dynamic Behaviour", what does means it ? If I don't add components to the components, how ...

45. What do you think about Tapestry 5.2?    stackoverflow.com

I want to create a new project and I'm studing diferent web frameworks In StackOverFlow there are diferent threads of tapestry but it talks about Tapestry 4 or old Tapestry 5.0.8 What about ...

46. Tapestry internal redirection to static page    stackoverflow.com

I just want a Tapestry page to redirect to a static page like this : http://www.myWebSite.com/home/myPage.tml -> http://www.myWebSite.com/static/myStaticPage.html I try to do this by returning a new URL, but i ...

47. How can I return both page and Stream in Tapestry5?    stackoverflow.com

I am working on a web application project using Tapestry 5 framework/javascript. This application takes few inputs and returns pdf files. I got a new requirement of disabling the form submit ...

48. tapestry4 forward error    stackoverflow.com

anyone can decrypt below error and explain what cause this error? http://paste.ideaslabs.com/show/jrscSzhcW

49. Inner class in Tapestry pages    stackoverflow.com

Can we declare/create inner class in Tapestry page and access it to the corresponding .tml page? if yes then how or if not then why. need your valuable input guys. Thanks in Advance. Regards,
Mahendra ...

50. NoAspectBoundException with aspectj and tapestry 5    stackoverflow.com

I have a web project built with Tapestry 5.2.1. I have a simple logging aspect that I was using for tracing on this application. Everything was working fine until I started ...

51. Have an another Component directory (template and java files)    stackoverflow.com

I have a question about Tapestry Component Programming. Can we have an another Component folder instead of the original one ? If your reply is yes, How can you declare it (in ...

52. Tapestry5 Logout exeption    stackoverflow.com

I am facing an strange issue and not able to find out the root cause. Here is the problem statement. I have one tapestry page with logout button. when i click on ...

53. Issue with ParameterAccess class while migrating from to 5.2.4    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to migrate application from version to to 5.2.4. I am facing the following issue while migrating.

public class Append

 private Form form;



54. How do you create a component in Tapestry 5?    stackoverflow.com

I have been using Tapestry's built-in components, but now I'd like to try making my own. Assuming this is possible, how is it done and is it generally expected that ...

55. How can I get all the JS files name    stackoverflow.com

How can I get all JS files name of my application ? I tested :

private ClientInfrastructure javascriptStack;

void onActivate(){

    for(Asset javascript : mesJavaScripts){

56. tapestry radio group    stackoverflow.com

I am unable to get the tapestry 4 radio group working. My HTML

<td><span jwcid="activeServerRadioGroup"></span></td>
<td><input type="radio" jwcid="activeServerRadio" /></td>
My .page
<property name="activeServer"/> 
<component id="activeServerRadioGroup" type="RadioGroup">
         <binding name="selected" ...

57. Tapestry 5 zone inside a form    stackoverflow.com

I have a form and inside it I have a country/city/etc selection.
The form is inside a zone.
When calling the onSelected for make the change of the country/city, when returning I loose ...

58. Tapestry5 vs Play framework    stackoverflow.com

I know there are many questions here comparing one framework with another. I feel i have to add one more. What is the advantage of play framework over Tapestry5 framework? Which one ...

59. How can I test Component with Tapestry Testify    stackoverflow.com

I am doing some tests with the tapestry-testify librairy. But I have a question about its documentation : http://tapestry.formos.com/nightly/tapestry-testify/testing-components.html I would like to pass different value to a parameter of ...

60. Tapestry 5 BeanEditForm component trouble    stackoverflow.com

I am having a bit trouble figuring out how to work with BeanEditForm component. You see, everything is fine with it (it displays what it should) as long as i don't ...

61. tapestry. output of Date    stackoverflow.com

how to do?

<t:output format="literal:dd.MM.yyyy" value="myItem.activity.do_create_date"/>
I want to know how to format output of date?

62. Tapestry 3: cannot get messages from properties file    stackoverflow.com

I have tapestry 3 template in HelloWorld.html and HelloWorld.properties file with strings in the same folder, but cannot get them. I've tried : The only output that i have is [PAGETITLE]. Here is the ...

63. Fetch and Replace href attribute value of tag using prototype    stackoverflow.com

I have a simple link inside my tml (apache tapestry specific) :

<a href="www.google.com" class="info-value" target="new">www.google.com</a>
Now on the browser if I am trying to click the link, actually it's redirecting to http://localhost:8080/..../..../www.google.com Instead ...

64. Iterate List of String in Tapestry    stackoverflow.com

I am new to Tapestry 5, and I stuck with one of the following scenario : Controller.java

private List<EnumeratedDynamicProperty> enumeratedDynamicPropertyList;
private EnumeratedDynamicProperty enumeratedDynamicPropertyInfo;
<tr t:type="Loop" t:source="enumeratedDynamicPropertyList" t:value="enumeratedDynamicPropertyInfo" encoder="encoder">>
Now inside EnumertedDynamicProperty, I have one field with ...

65. tapestry chenillekit chart with flotr : HtmlText to false not working    stackoverflow.com

I need help to display chart in tapestry pages. I'm using tapestry 5.2.4 and chenillkit 1.3.0. My problem is that the option HtmlText : false seems not working. It's the only option ...

66. Tapestry - Passing Parameters to method from tml    stackoverflow.com

Is it possible to pass a parameter to the method which is being defined in controller, and called by tml ? tml

public String getDynamicFieldValue(String fieldToCompare) 
Could not convert ...

67. tapestry chenillekit chart : problem to defined trackFormatter function    stackoverflow.com

I need help to display chart in tapestry pages. I'm using tapestry 5.2.4 and chenillekit 1.3.0. My problem is that I want to defined a custom javascript function to display date ...

68. Problem with Eclipse/Jetty in Tapestry 5 Tutorial    stackoverflow.com

I'm working through this Tapestry 5 tutorial and I'm stuck on the "Running the Application inside Eclipse" step. When I go to the Eclipse run configurations, select Jetty Webapp, then ...

69. does tapestry 5 support vbscript?    stackoverflow.com

I've been asked to 'sniff' users' windows username via a vbscript snippet and am having trouble getting this to work in the tapestry ( application. It seems tapestry is trying to interpret ...

70. What is expansion and how do we use it?    stackoverflow.com

A friend from college is studing web programming using the tapestry framework, and he asked me if could i help him with his homework. One of the questions in the homework ...

71. Difficulties displaying tapestry grid component. (Apache Tapestry 5 framework)    stackoverflow.com

I want to display in a t:grid component a List of items, but i don't know why i get a NP I am sure 100% that the List i am retuning is ...

72. Failure reading parameter 'context' for pagelink    stackoverflow.com

hi i've some problem with error: I try to passed value integer from one page through pagelink anotger page using context .. code looks something like:

public class Contact


73. Tapestry 5 add an action to a select menu    stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to add an action to my tapestry select menu. I'm currently generating the select menu by injecting selectModelFactory and providing it with a list from a hibernate query. I ...

74. Issue with IntelliJ and Tapestry    stackoverflow.com

I am currently evaluating IntelliJ for a tapestry project. I setup my module to use the tapestry facet but the following three tapestry items remain greyed out: page, component, ...

75. Should I choose Apache Click or Tapestry 5?    stackoverflow.com

I am to decide whether to use Apache Click or Apache Tapestry 5 framework. Which one I should choose? I'm looking for a framwork that I could use for building Java ...

76. Yui compressor StringIndexOutOfBoundsException on jboss    stackoverflow.com

When minimising yui with 2.4.6, I get this problem: java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: 232

at java.lang.String.substring(String.java:1934)
at com.yahoo.platform.yui.compressor.JavaScriptCompressor.printSourceString(JavaScriptCompressor.java:267)
at com.yahoo.platform.yui.compressor.JavaScriptCompressor.parse(JavaScriptCompressor.java:330)
at com.yahoo.platform.yui.compressor.JavaScriptCompressor.<init>(JavaScriptCompressor.java:533)
It works when started through my IDE but when deployed to jboss it ...

77. Tapestry 5 - communication between two components    stackoverflow.com

I have a page in my Java + Tapestry 5 application, which contains two components - a Form and a Grid. The form field is use to filter the results displayed ...

78. Tapestry: default value for a dropdown component    stackoverflow.com

I use the following code for a select-component: Java-class:

@Component(parameters = {"blankOption=AUTO", "model=someModel", "value=someId",

79. Tapestry: charset problem    stackoverflow.com

I have a Tapestry application, that retrieves data from a form, writes it to a database and then displays the result. It all works well as long as no special characters ...

80. Override Tapestry Grid    stackoverflow.com

I want to extend the tapestry Grid component to be able to get the following behavior: I want a specific column to have the text aligned to the right, which is no ...

81. CSS style for radios in Tapestry 5    stackoverflow.com

How can I get rid of the box look of radio buttons in IE8? They look like this: radios in IE8 They look normal in other browsers. I'm using Tapestry ...

82. how to make regexp for passwordfield on beaneditform?    stackoverflow.com

i try to make regexp for passwordfield on beaneditform,but passwordfield don't recognizes regexep???any suggestion please???? :) addUser.tml

<t:beaneditform t:id="newUser" exclude="id" reorder="userName,password,fullName,Gender,email,role">
<t:parameter t:name="password">

83. Change the position of the sort button in a grid in Tapestry 5    stackoverflow.com

How do I change the position of the sort button in header of the grid in Tapestry 5? I have column names of different lengths and I break lines on spaces, ...

84. Tapestry5JSPEditorEclipse for the TML pages    stackoverflow.com

I am using Tapestry5JSPEditorForEclipse to generate the TLD files by tapestry-tldgen Maven plugin. i have added entry in the project pom.xml. below is the entry for the reference.


85. component scope service with injected messages    stackoverflow.com

I am aware that there is something special about tapestry services/resources such as Request, Messages etc which are only available in the context of a component render. I need to create a ...

86. Is there some native way to convert eventLink into button in Tapestry 5.2    stackoverflow.com

My problem is simple. I want to use button as an event link. There exists AJAX-based event link inside a form in tml. The event link has functionality that updates some ...

87. Tapestry in Netbeans code completion for TML file not working    stackoverflow.com

I am learning Apache Tapestry, but can't get Netbeans' autocomplete to work. I am using namespace

But Netbean show error on mouse over "No library found for this namespace". And the auto complete ...

88. Multiple use of a custom component containing a zone    stackoverflow.com

I'm facing a problem when using tapestry 5.2.0 : using multiple times a component containing a zone. At this point, the component is used 3 times on the same page but only ...

89. Does Tapestry 5 Have composite components    stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to write a composite component like this

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN"
<t:container xmlns:t="http://tapestry.apache.org/schema/tapestry_5_0_0.xsd" xmlns:p="tapestry:parameter">
    <t:select t:id="yearField" t:value="year" ...

90. Does IDEA support Tapestry 4?    stackoverflow.com

Does IntelliJ IDEA support Tapestry 4? I've got a Tapestry 4.1.x code base to work with, and as far as I can tell the Tapestry facet (at least in 10.5) only ...

91. Tapestry: Redirect-after-post messing my StreamResponse in onSuccess()    stackoverflow.com

In a form post the user uploads a file, I read the file, process it and send back a CSV (StreamResponse). I am facing a problem streaming back the results. ...

92. Appfuse with Tapestry 4    stackoverflow.com

I want ask about appfuse. I want create an appfuse project with tapestry 4. but when i look at appfuse website, it only support tapestry 5 and not tapestry 4 anymore. How ...

93. Exposing an API to a Tapestry web application    stackoverflow.com

I am working on a Tapestry 5 based web application that should expose an API to iPhone and Android devices. Currently the API is implemented using the built in MVC capabilities ...

94. Extending ExternalLink in Tapestry 4    stackoverflow.com

Is it possible to extend ExternalLink in Tapestry 4? When I try, it seems as though none of my parameters are getting populated. I've tried explicitly re-annotating the abstracts in my ...

95. YUICompressor unescapes backslashes    stackoverflow.com

In our application, we invoke YUICompressor to minify our javascript. Under some conditions we are having trouble identifying, it incorrectly unescapes backslash-escaped characters, so for example

var newline="\n"
var newline="
has anyone seen ...

96. Problem with tapestry5 syntax checking in Eclipse 3.7 on OSX 10.5.8    stackoverflow.com

I've been working with Tapestry5 in Eclipse 3.7 for a week or so, and can't get syntax checking to work correctly on OSX. I am using Eclipse Java EE IDE for ...

97. Tapestry, determine if form has errors in tml    stackoverflow.com

I have a text in a form that I want to hide if the form has errors and replace it with the error message. How do i determine in the tml that ...

98. How to add a tooltip(or a title tag) to tapestry grid rows?    stackoverflow.com

How to add a tooltip(or a title tag) to tapestry grid rows? I want to show row sensitive information in the tool tip. I could do it in t:loop but I ...

99. Are there any sophisticated UI widgets that integrate well with Tapestry?    stackoverflow.com

I have been looking for a good Java web framework and found Tapestry, which looks quite nice from an application architecture point of view. Another possibility is ASP and .NET, though ...

100. How can I trigger an element's default event within an event handler?    stackoverflow.com

I have an HTML button that needs to check several conditions, and if they pass allow the default action to occur. The following works in Firefox, but it fails in IE. ...

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