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1. WSDL vs REST Pros and Cons


Why would one use REST instead of Web services?
When deciding whether to implement a web service using SOAP or REST (by which I mean HTTP/XML in a RESTful ...

2. Tool to generate WSDL 2.0 for RESTful URLs and document schemas?

I need to make a web "service". Since the primary use of this service is going to be to read and write some data that can be encoded as XML ...

3. NullPointerException in SchemaParsingConfig.setFeature() running Axis2 WSDL2Java

In the process of my daily work, I am trying to use the WSDL and XSD from this article: as a template from which to generate some java code. ...

4. XSD schema, SOAP, REST and a MESS!

I think this person hit on my problem Link I have a schema and a pdf that has something like the below I have NO WSDL file. Absolutely none, i do have ...

5. Network programming: SOAP vs DIY marshalling with XML library?

I know that there are a lot of discussions already on SO about SOAP, bloat, XML, and alternative mechanisms like REST. Here's the situation. A new team member is really talking up ...

6. Make a single WCF service support both SOAP, REST and WSDL

I'm trying to build a C# service in .NET 3.5 that supports both SOAP - and shows the WSDL - and REST. The SOAP service and WSDL generation was easy enough to ...

7. Advantages of Name Value Pairs to SOAP/WSDL

I see APIs such as PayPal, etc. offering to call their services using NVP or SOAP/WSDL. When using a .NET environment (3.5) using traditional web services (no WCF) which is ...

8. Hide REST endpoint from MEX/WSDL in WCF

I have a WCF service that has REST and SOAP endpoints for every service. This was implemented similarly to this post: with a configuration similar to the following:


9. Does wsimport tool from JAX-WS allows to create RESTful class clients?

Im using wsimport but I cant find why or how to create classes for RESTful web services/ports defined in WSDL. Does wsimport tool from JAX-WS allows to create RESTful class clients?

10. How to generate RESTful client in JAVA for REST defined in WSDL

I know that WSDL is for defining SOAP based web services but in most of the WSDLs I saw on net, in the WSDL is defined also RESTful "web service"-http:binding. To generate ...

11. Best practices for an internal webservice

Experience says that using WSDL-SOAP based webservice for internal consumption is an overkill. There are too many service-based POJO classes that when let into the system complicates it way too much. ...

12. Questions on NVP vs. SOAP Differences and Terminology

I work a lot with 3rd party web services. The first thing I look for is if they provide a WSDL that I can easily add into Visual Studio and ...

13. What are WSDL, SOAP and REST?

How do I simply understand wsdl's? Seems very complicated. How is it related to soap? Where does rest fit in all these? Please give examples.

14. RESTful Services - WSDL Equivalent

I have been reading about REST and SOAP, and understand why implementing REST can be beneficial over using a SOAP protocol. However, I still don't understand why there isn't the ...

15. Describing REST services using WSDL

I understand that you can describe your REST webservice while using WSDL.
Is this a good idea if you don't use WCF? Is there a better way to allow service discovery and ...

16. How to create wsdl for Restful WS

HI, i have developed a small restful webservice example using myeclipse, i want to create client for those ws using wsdl, how to create wsdl for the above webservice using myeclipse, ...

17. How can I related Web Services to SOAP and REST

To be honest with you I really don't get the relationship that Web Services share with SOAP and REST. I have a very simplistic understanding of the whole topic, web services ...

18. list most popular web services stacks

I would like to collect here all the available web services frameworks. We have a WSDL file and we search for the most popular web service stack and the best "WSDL2OBJECT" ...

19. RESTful service contract

like WSDL what is the contract for RESTful service it exposes to client. Are there any java frameworks to create the client automatically for consuming RESTful Services ?

20. Remove .svc from REST WCF service with "?wsdl" and "/help" still enabled

None of the prior SO questions/answers lead me to a complete REST / WCF solution that removes the SVC extension from all aspects of the service. Specifically I'm referring to servicename/help ...

21. WSDL for SOAP and WSDL for REST and REST based on JSON

when a company wants to release a web services, does it release a separate WSDL for SOAP and separate for REST based web services or they are merged in the same ...


I've created a REST WCF in C# by specifying WebGET and WebHttpBinding in web.config. The service works fine through IE. My wsdl starts as below and it has soap in wsdl. ...

23. How would the following REST service be described in WSDL?


---- Success: HTTP Response 200
---- Failure: HTTP Response 400
    <error>Missing email</error>

24. What is the point in a WSDL with a rest based service?

If REST based web services are as simple as GETing and POSTing to a url and parsing the response wht exactly do we need a wsdl? Whats the point. I understand ...

25. REST is not a standard 'Per-Se' so why does WCF create a wsdl, whats the point, and is it worse than SOAP?

Possible Duplicate:
What is the point in a WSDL with a rest based service?
I have to decide whether to implement a SOAP or REST based ...

26. After creating a wcf service how do I tell whether its restful or soap from the wsdl?

I created a service and I'm presented with a page saying:

You have created a service. To test this service, you will need to create a ...

27. Writing a RESTful service using WCF for public usage. Is providing WSDL really necessary?

As the question suggests, is providing the WSDL really necessary, or is it more of a "nice to have" feature? I have written a RESTful service, using .Net 4.0. ...

28. Should web services be transactional?

I am investigating writing web services for an application. Within this application we do everything within transactions as "units of work" are often not single entities but multiple entities spanning multiple ...

29. How to publish WSDL for WCF 4.0 service with REST/SOAP endpoints

I'm creating a WCF4 service with REST and SOAP endpoints to be hosted in IIS 7.5. I have used the WCF4 REST template as an example. However I have a few questions regarding ...

30. Service Stack (REST) SOAP and WSDL not working

I implemented ServiceStack Hello World ,every thing is ok,except one important thing. its SOAP11 and SOAP12 and also WSDL not working. when accessing url http://localhost:8082/SOAP11/ for SOAP11 or SOAP12 it ...

31. Restful web service invocation in BPEL

My question is that:

Is there any method that I can use restful web services such as Google Map or Youtube in BPEL. I know that BPEL works with SOAP web services ...

32. RESTful & WSDL 2.0 Support in NetBeans (6.7.1)

Hi, I am trying to scope the potential development of a RESTful web service written in PHP and an accompanying WSDL (2.0) file. The web service part I have clear in ...

34. Create a WebService (REST) using WSDL

Hi everybody, I'm here to ask for some help because I'm new to this. I have a WSDL File an schema files (.xsd), I'm using Rational Application Developer and WebSphere Application Server 7.0. I need to generate the web service to implement functionalities, I think the webservice is a RESTful type since the WSDL file contains the methods: CREATE, DELETE, GET ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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