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1. Do I need an AAR file for an Axis web service?

I am getting started with an Axis-based web service, written in Java, which will run on WebSphere. My question is, can I just bundle this up as a web application like I ...

2. Axis2 / JAX-WS error when unmarshalling xml file with large text elements

I'm completely stuck and need your help... I've created a webservice stub with jaxb 2.x for a service that sends a binary file (base64 encoded jpg images) within a soap message. ...

3. Is it possible to specify the TCP port in mappings in the axis file?

I'm using the Axis 1.4 axis-wsdl2java ant task to create stub code for a web service hosted on port 8080 of a webserver. I've used the file successfully in the ...

4. Axis: faultString: org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: Premature end of file

I have deployed a webservice using servletexec configured with IIS and i can successfully access webservice using anonymous account. But when I enable Windows Integrated Authentication I am getting following error.


5. Where I can find Axis WSDL2Java file?

I downloaded Axis 1.4 ( ) and I wanted to use WSDL2Java, but I didn't find such a file from package, but there are refrences to this file ...

6. How to use Axis WSDL2Java generated files?

I generated Java files from WSDL with WSDL2Java converter, but I don't know how can I use service with these files, because there are no examples. I'm implementing client side.

7. Axis 1.4 AxisFault Premature end of file

I get this error when I use my autogenerated WebService side is working ok, so this error must be in code, but code is autogenerated, so I cannot know why ...

8. tell wsdl2java not to generate code if file is not modified since last code was generated

basically i am using ant to generate webservice client and server stubs. We don't change wsdl as frequently as our java code. But since wsdl2java generated code is always new, javac ...

9. Where to put a configuration file for an Axis2 web service?

I'd like to have my Axis2 Web Service read from a configuration file, whose name is sent as a parameter to the service. Where is the best place to put this file? ...

10. Axis2 aar file structure question

I trying to create an Axis2 arr file that has 2 package heirachies. However my service class is throwing a class not found exception when it tries to use classes in ...

11. Which files should be imported in a subversion repository for a web services project?

I created a Java Project in Eclipse using the Web services Top down approach (i.e. creating a WSDL file and using it to generate the Skeleton Java class and web services ...

12. problem parsing mybatis xml config file

I have a problem reading the xml config file for Mybatis 3.0.2. I have to use it in a web service with Axis2 1.5. I have a class whith this code:

public ...

13. Axis2 File Upload by chunk

I'm trying to upload file using Axis2 web service by 1024 chunk size. My server side looks like this:

public void appendChunk(int count, byte[] buffer){
    FileOutputStream fos = null;

14. Can we modify file while creating stubs

I have a issue with file "convertToString" method. This method is used by stubs and it tries to convert the date into string. The problem i have is when it ...

15. Axis service archiver class file location problem

I want to use the Axis service archiver eclipse plugin. On the first page of the wizard, I have to define a "class file location". Which class location do I have ...

16. java WEb service HTTP code to upload a file

I wanted to upload a file(image,text ,pdf all in one) using java web service Axis2. and I am using Saopui to check whether it is correctly uploaded or not. Thanks in advance Regards Ram

17. Permissions for file i/o from within a web service on linux/axis2

I am trying to manipulate a file and create a new folder from within a web service and am running into a permission denied error. What is the recommended way to ...

18. Is there any Apache Axis WSDL2Java jar file for Eclipse Indigo

Is there any separate org.apache.axis.wsdl2java jar file for Eclipse Indigo version because its not worked in indigo version shows error like: The selected wizard could not be started. Plug-in "org.apache.axis.wsdl2java.eclipse" was unable to ...

19. Need help in including all jar files in a directory to the existing project

I have added a piece of sharepoint code to the existing java file which was compiling and working fine. The sharepoint code that is written uses some of the external libraries. ...

20. Develop Web services using Axis and deploy it as war file

We need to develop a Webservice using Apache Axis 2 and deploy this Application as a war file in glassfish server, so that it would be accessable to our service consumers ...

21. Axis2 : WSDL2Java -uri option generates only two java files

I am using Axis2 . I ran this command from my command line

WSDL2Java -uri http://localhost:8080/axis2/services/SimpleService?wsdl
Using AXIS2_HOME: E:\Axis2Tutorial\axis2-1.5 Using JAVA_HOME: C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_26 Retrieving document at 'http://localhost:8080/axis2/services/SimpleService?wsdl**

22. Axis2 : When to use Wsdd file with Axis2 Webservices

I am using Axis2 for developing webservices . I started from WSDL file , and used WSDL2Java command line and generated all the sever related code (Skeltons) , wrote services.xml ...

23. Can we return a custom object type from a .JWS file

Here is my situation: I'm using Apache Axis 1.1. I'm trying to set up a custom web service as a .jws file that is simply dropped onto the axis web app ...

24. How to secure data when pushing files to another server using Axis2 Web Service?

I am new to Axis2 Web Service programming. i need to push files to another server with the Digital Signature security. How can i implement this process in Axis2? Is there any security ...

25. How do I upload files using Apache Axis

26. Policy File with AXIS

Hi, I'm deploying a web service that forwards messages it gets over SOAP to a JMS topic on a different machine. The code works when calling it not as a web service, but fails with permission issues when called from AXIS. I think they key is to give it resolve,connect permissions in a policy file, but I'm not sure how to ...

27. where AXIS puts the server side files?

28. How do I use DLL files in Axis?

I am using Java Axis. I have some JARs that reference windows DLL files. When I run the program in a DOS java client, it works fine. When I run it in Axis, I get "Access Violation" errors. It seems I don't know where to place and/or configure my Path or Classpath in order to let Axis put the DLLs in ...

29. Axis wsdl2java overwriting class files

Hi, I'm just beginning to work through web services, and I'm having a difficult time. I created a test business object ( and ran java2wsdl against it: java org.apache.axis.wsdl.Java2WSDL -o wp.wsdl -l"http://localhost:8080/axis/services/distance" -n "urn:Example" -p"" "urn:Example" This created the wdsl file: