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1. server side validation in java web application

How we can validate the our jsp form before storing the data in database

2. What pattern for deeply nested web form validation?

I'm refactoring a large legacy web application that has some complicated forms. These forms use javascript to display or hide fields on the basis of other entered fields. E.g ticking a checkbox ...

3. When do you validate connections in a connection pool?

I'm implementing a connection pool in Java (i.e. a pool of java.sql.Connections). When should I check that connections are still valid? I don't want to do it before I ...

4. Validation Design and Documentation

In a perfect world you have the validation (verification) of inputs in the business logic layer, not in the presentation or persistence layer. In reality you can (or want) to place ...

5. Validation of interrelated fields

We have a validation system which forces users to select from a valid set of values across a set of inter-related fields. The user has to fill in the first value ...

6. Form input validation with JAX-RS

I want to use JAX-RS REST services as a back-end for a web application used directly by humans with browsers. Since humans make mistakes from time to time I want to ...

7. How to validate HTML matches W3C standards

I have a project that generates HTML pages using velocity template and Java. But most of the pages do not comply with W3C standards. How can I validate those HTML pages ...

8. Java web application data entry validation method location

Where should I locate the code for validating an employee ID (badge) that will be entered in multiple html forms through out my application? Currently I have it in the ...

9. Java web application form validation implimentation

I have to add an additional validation rule to a form field in a Java web application. I have a rule in place that validates that the form field value entered is ...

10. Interpolate validation-specific parameters in bean validation message

I have a custom bean validator which checks if a given field on an entity is unique for some conditions. If the validation fails, the message should include a field (e.g. ...

11. a validation tool for java ee 6 applications?

im looking for something like this: (only does javaee 5). basically i need a command line tool that can accept an ear file and validate it against the ...

12. what is preferred approach to return business validation results in business layer

Let's assume we have a client application (either web or standalone) which uses kind of business layer (EJB, Spring services etc). Let's say user wants to execute some business logic (e.g. ...

13. How is user validation done in J2ee pages?

In a login page, password should be validated using Database. I need the same page to appear if the authentication fails, just like in GMAIL. How is it done ? Should ...

14. How to exit from Javascript processing after DWR-based validation

I'm relatively new to Javascript and new to Ajax and DWR - I suspect this is a Javascript question rather than Ajax/DWR, but here goes: I'm writing Javascript that uses DWR to ...

15. Can I enforce strict validation of base64Binary data in JAX-WS?

tl;dr version: Is there a way to force a strict mode for JAX-WS that rejects invalid base64 for the base64Binary XSD data type?

Longer version: I have a web service that receives ...

16. How to generate strongly typed schema in Metro

I have an XSD describing the service in some legacy system (lets call it A24). We use JAXB to translate this XSD to Java POJOs, then we generate the @WebService annotated ...

17. How to change location of in Bean Validation

By default, can be located in root of my classpath. Can I change the location of this file like

18. Looking for method argument validation framework based on AOP and annotations

I'm looking for argument validation framework which:
1) Allows specifying argument constraints via annontations (like OVal, JaValid)
2) Validation code automatically injected (during compilation or runtime) into methods (i.e. no explicit call to ...

19. JAX-WS @Pattern annotation for regex validation

I am using xjc to generate java classes from my XML schema for a JAX-WS webservice. In my schema I am specifying a type for a comma separated list of integers:

<xs:simpleType name="IntegerList">

20. Generally-Accepted Bean Validation Methods

So I've been reading up on the (incubating) Apache Bean Validation project and it seems like pretty cool stuff. It looks like it's predicated on decorating fields with annotations called constraints ...

21. CDI and Bean Validation in JEE 5 Application Server?

CDI and Bean Validation are JEE 6 Standard Specifications. Nevertheless, I can use both within JEE 5 Application Servers (and also within Java SE) by just adding the libraries to the ...

22. JAX-WS RI does not enforce XSD restrictions

I am currently developing a few Web services using the JAX-WS reference implementation (version 2.1.7). They are contract-based, that is, the WSDL and XSD files are not generated by wsgen. This allows ...

23. Java and Injecting Defensive Copies

So I'm starting to really like the concept of defensive copies for the purpose of making code more "secure", but unfortunately they seem to inherently conflict with the wonderful ...

24. How to create a custom validator in Play Framework 2.0?

Play 1.0 comes with a full featured validation framework base on With the release of 2.0, my custom validators do not work anymore. How does one create custom validator using ...

25. Validation and refresh problems...

I have 2 forms on a page... The top form is a table with a list of records. I use the onclick method to select a record in the table. The ...

27. Credit card validation in a webapp

I am starting a new project and considering using Grails or J2EE as the implementation platform. The project is a small-scale web application which will need to validate credit card information entered by the user. Could anybody recommend or explain how credit card validation can be done in a web application? Thanks.  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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