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1. Does anyone here have a favorite memory profiling/memory leak tool they like to use for their java webapps?

I'm looking for a good tool to profile a java webapp. I'd like to get performance information and memory usage if possible. Any suggestions?

2. Is GCJ (GNU Compiler for Java) a viable tool for publishing a webapp?

Is it really viable to use GCJ to publish server-side applications? Webapps? My boss is convinced that compiling our (my) webapp into a binary executable is a brilliant idea. ...

3. What tools are available to measure the "health" of an enterprise web-based system?

I assist in maintaining an enterprise web-based system (programmed in J2EE, but this is a more general question) and I'd like to know: what good tools are out there to measure ...

4. What do I need to write Java-based web applications and test them on my personal computer?

I currently have Apache HTTP Server, but I'm guessing I'll need Tomcat (and then have to configure it in a way that makes it not open to the public), a Java ...

5. Is there a tool to generate web pages based on Java beans?

Is there a tool that will take you java beans (pojos) and automatically make them a form for a webpage? To be more clear I have a bunch of Jaxb objects that ...

6. Aspect-oriented programming in Java

What is the best tool for Java for aspect-oriented programming? The requirements for a tool are of course IDE support, expressiveness and proper documentation.

7. What are the main tools/frameworks used nowadays in Java?

I am a .NET / C++ programmer switching to Java. I had previous exposure to Java 10+ years ago in university. What would be the typical things to be learned in order ...

8. Preparing for a Java professional work environment before interviews

I recently graduated in Computer Engineering. I don't have a permanent job yet. The recession is making a good difference in my aim and reality. I don't want to just sit ...

9. Tests frameworks and tools for SOA Java developments

Currently, I'm looking for any experiences or advices about test tools on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Java developments.
Which the bestpratices and best tools for this job ? Thanks for your ...

10. Which current tools and technologies would you suggest as 'state of the art' for a new Java web project?

We are starting a new Java Web project and would like some advice on the 'state of the art' on (free) tools/technologies. Our current shopping list contains:

  • Java 5
  • JBoss
  • Spring
  • Junit
  • Selenium (automated functional ...

11. Where to find wsgen tool?

Where to find the wsgen tool?

12. What Coldfusion 8 standard edition performance monitoring free tools are available?

The company I work for only has standard edition, and can not afford a pricey monitoring solution. And this is installed on windows 2003, IIS 6, Coldfusion 8. But we need a ...

13. Tool to find duplicate keys and value in properties file

is there a tool that tells me redundant keys and values that are there in my one or many properties file.

14. What are the static tool analysis options (apart from CAST) via plug-ins for Java code with framework?

Need to know about static tool analysis options via Eclipse plug-ins for Java code with framework especially for Struts, Spring and Hibernate. The purpose is primarily analysis (and not Quality metrics) ...

15. Tools for java web applications?

What are the different ways to create a web-application in Java? Are there tools available other than straight-up servlets?

16. suggest some job scheduler or third party tool in java web application

We are developing a web application using java,jsp,Apache server. I need a requirement to run a scheduler dynamically to generate reports whenever the given condition fails.pls suggest any jobschedulers

17. The best tools money can buy

In my company (which scored 3/12 on the Joel Test) we have access to free software only, so I was wondering what, in the Java EE world, are the ...

18. What rarely used debugging tools you found useful?

What rarely used debugging tools you found useful ? My recent debugging situation on Visual Studio required trapping the breakpoint on fresh built 32-bit DLL, which was loaded by GUI-less executable, which ...

19. Structure and tools for large java application?

Whats the best "way" of creating a relatively large java web application? Im thinking about eclipse as IDE, but version control systems, build tools and documentation along with issue tracking and ...

20. performance monitoring tools for multi-tenant web application

We have a need to monitor performance of our java web app. We are looking for some tolls which can help us with this task. The major difficulty is that we ...

21. Tools available for debugging production Issues in Java applications

Just wondering what are various tools & techniques out there to debug production issues on Java applications. Like,

  • What are the ways and tools to take thread dumps?
  • What are the ways and ...

22. A tool to determine jar dependencies based on existing code?

Is there a tool that can determine .jar dependencies given a directory of .jar files and a separate directory of java source code? I need to generate Eclipse .classpath files based ...

23. DWR and other possible tools for build java application level Ajax framework

I would assume that this question would have been asked in different ways already, but I could not find one so posting it. Sorry if its a repetition The basic idea which ...

24. which Java reporting tool to use in 2010 for small/medium webapp

We have a web app with a few forms and some integration with mobile apps. We will be producing reports from the data collected in the forms and the mobile apps. ...

25. What is the best tool or utility to create sitemap of a dynamic web based java application?

We have a web based java/JSF/Spring application for which we want to create sitempas.xml and submit to search engines. We want the process to be automated so that whenever new content is ...

26. How are standard libraries, tools and app server platforms typically selected in large organizations?

I'm looking for a list of criteria for selecting standard development libraries, tools, and application servers (specifically JEE) that is common across large organizations. If your experience doesn't span across multiple ...

27. What software, tools and API solutions whe have for SOA today?

my studies team is projecting SOA system with automated composite of services. There is meany papers about abstract SOA but we can't find about practical way. We wants to fit in ...

28. Tools for Managing Testing & Measuring Code Quality of Offshore Developers

I am a university student currently on one of my first internships and being exposed to the world of J2EE Application development. I have been tasked with researching strategies and tools ...

29. What is the current state of art reporting and charting tool in Java web applications?

We are looking to integrate a reporting and charting tool in our web application. The web application is based on GWT, Spring and Hibernate. The candidates that we are evaluating are


30. Java ME tips for Java EE developer

I am used to programming in Java EE but right now I am being assigned to Java ME project. From what I am reading all those ME restrictions are quite painful. ...

31. Tools and Frameworks required for a new Java web application

I am starting to develop a new web based Java application. Please suggest a good set of frameworks to start with. The priority is to reduce the development time. But at ...

32. Best way to design UI for java webapps

I understand that there are lots of web frameworks available for developing UI of java web applications. But I am not that good at designing UI; so I require a ...

33. suggest which logging( tool /framework) should be used for java,j2ee project

I am using following technology stack in my java j2ee project please suggest an appropriate logging framework JSF 1.1 EJB 3.0 JPA 1.1 Thanks in advance Regards ritu

34. Could you recommend development integrated tool when develop web client application

Using JavaScript, HTML and CSS, the server is Java. What is the good develeopment tool to develop the web client?

35. Profiling tool for Java Based Webapplication

We are working on a web-application which preliminary using Struts2+Spring 3.x+Hibernate 3.x.We are taking in to consideration of using good profiling tool to avoid any potential problems. i am new to this ...

36. Best frameworks & tools to develop distributed and scalable java applications (web or not)

Following the question about best practices to develop distributed and scalable applications, I believe it is necessary to create this question to collect feedback on frameworks and tools too. Summarizing Contributions: I ...

37. How to capture HTTP(S) traffic from and to a Java web application with Fiddler2 or similar tool?

I want to capture data that my web application sends and receives from a CAS server via HTTPS. I tried using Fiddler2, but couldn't make it capture traffic from Java web ...

38. cross site scripting verification tool recommendation

I am looking for a open source cross site scripting tool to test my J2EE/JEE web application. I did a Google search and seems like there are plenty. I am looking ...

39. Java Web Application Development Tools - Versions

I'm in the process of learning about servlet containers and web apps based on Java EE, servlets, JSPs, EL/JSTL, JDBC (via Connector J from MySQL AB), MySQL server, etc. I usually like ...

40. How to use jwebap : j2ee profiling tool?

I am using a profiler tool called jwebap for the 1st time. Its a J2EE profiling tool.Can anyone tell me how to use it ? Can it be used along with ...

41. Is VelocityView (Velocity Tools) a good choice for a web view?

I'm a Java user and ask myself if I should use Velocity for the view of a web app (maybe with Spring MVC). What's your take on that? Or do you ...

42. Does the Java EE verifier tool still exist?

I was wondering whether the J2EE verifier has been updated for recent versions of Java EE or it has been dismissed.

43. Need ready made tool or something like that to use for making my web application work offline

Need ready made tool or something like that to use for making my web application work offline, The problem with the Html5 option is that after clearing the cache the data stored ...

44. End to end profiling of web/J2EE and client applications

Is there a good tool to do end to end profiling of a system that uses J2EE and has clients? I realize that you can easily profile the server and the ...

45. Which java development tool to download for windows7 x64?

I want to use eclipse for a java coding and compiling for my home use. So, which version should i download as i don't have any of the previous versions or ...

46. Need Open Source/Free tool for Help Content Authoring

I am working on J2EE application. I am looking for a good tool that can be used for creating Web Help (Static HTML files) and User Manual.

48. Tools for Web Application Testing

Apache JMeter is the only one I have used, but I keep meaning to write my own. The problem I find with JMeter is that it doesn't seem to give me any useful information. It's very pretty with it's dynamic graphs and so on, but I want hard statistics about throughput, latency and failure modes. If we all keep lookimg we ...

49. Debugging Tools for Web Apps

I have been developing on Weblogic. Our app has many jsp's, struts controller servlet, over 20 javabeans, and a bunch of stored procedures. I inherited much of the code from the Rev 1 team and have been taking it apart to learn how it works. One thing I found to be incredibly usefull was hooking a debugger to the VM used ...

50. what debugging and testing tool for web application

hi, thanks murthy for giving me information about tools but i want to ask whether a developer should also be well versed with testing tools. Should i go in to knowing all these? Please also tell me wat tools u have used and find it the best 1) for debugging 2) for testing Some where i read that log4j is for ...

51. New to J2EE: Is browser only option as the front end tool in J2EE

Hi guys, May be I am not explaining clearly. I am just new to servlet/jsp and all those related things. I have learned those and used in small web sites. then now I want to know whether I can use, these jsp/servlet in an environment like this. A small company, with an intranet. Have a server and different clients, which employees ...

53. Tools for analysing JEE application

Hallo, I have to analyse a large third party JEE application. I consists of several EARs with WARs and many JARs. I am looking for a tool which can search in EAR files and all contained archives for classes (and strings) Beyond that, can anybody recommend tools which can do automated analysis of EAR archives (graphical overview of dependencies would be ...

54. J2EE Tools like to ask,,!!

hello the java master,,I'm still new bie I want to ask even tools in J2EE,, I've read in a book that is rich tools Jboss J2EE, J2EE Server sun, Deploy Tool Sun, etc .. I would ask 1. what Jboss and Sun J2EE server is the same function? 2. What's on eclispse / netbeans there are facilities such as Jboss / ...

55. tools for developing a web application at home

Hello everyone, I wanted to know about java/j2ee tools (IDE, Web/App server) which dont require a high config computer to create a web application at home (preferably free). I was thinking about: eclipse & tomcat and mysql as database. Are there any more options? Also I had installed netbeans and it made my machine too slow so I dont want that... ...

56. JEE: Start the Deployment Tool

Hello, Just a question. Does the application server version 8.2 works with the new JEE 5 applications too. I am having the same problems you have stated. The application server 9 gvies some issues that application server 8.2 may not. And yes the deployment tool is missing on version 9. Plus sometimes, the server won't start, it comes with errors. Im ...

58. Which framework(s)/tool(s) for a web 2.0 application ?

I'd say...go for JSF. Or if you don't want to, go for spring, or if that doesn't suit you, go for the GWT mentioned earlier. Unless you want to be retro, then go for Struts. Then when you've chosen your framework, see how many developers are willing to use it, if not enough choose another framework.

60. new bie: install java EE 5 tools bundle on windows server 2008 enterprise

I installed jdk 1.6u7 in windows server 2008 enterprise with path set to c:\jdk\bin forder and JAVA_HOME=c\jdk I downloaded java ee 5 tools bundle (with netbeans and without JDK) and execute it but after extracting file, it warned: Java SE development kit was not found on this computer, Netbeans can not run without SDK blah blah... It's strange. In other my ...

61. Looking for a J2EE documentation tool

I'm trying to create a page that displays the flow of our application's various service calls. The things I want to capture is the reason for the call, the conditions in which it's called, dependencies on other service calls, etc. Each service call would probably have sample request/response XML attached. Also, it would be nice if developers could post new flows ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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