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1. Conversion of local time zone to GMT in java

Am trying convert date which is in local time zone to GMT, i did some thing like this

SimpleDateFormat sdf = new SimpleDateFormat("MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm:ss");

2. Java: Convert "Europe/London" to 3 digit timezone

how can i convert the timezone identifiers to the corresponding 3 digit string? For example "Europe/London" => "GMT" thx

3. Converting local timestamp to UTC timestamp in Java

I have a milliseconds-since-local-epoch timestamp that I'd like to convert into a milliseconds-since-UTC-epoch timestamp. From a quick glance through the docs it looks like something like this would work:

int offset = ...

4. Java timezone conversion

I have a String, representing time in UTC. I need to convert it to long representing milliseconds since midnight at EST, considering daylight saving times. For example, in January, the offset is 5 ...

5. Joda time does time conversion 'too soon'

We have an application where the timing is critical. We're using joda to do time conversions and storing all data in UTC time. We've been in production for a ...

6. Converting string to date with timezone

I have a string in the pattern yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm a and i can get the time zone object separately in which the above string represents the date. I want to convert this to ...

7. How to convert Joda Localdate to Joda DateTime?

I'm trying to simply add TimeZone information back into a LocalDate before performing some more calculations. The LocalDate came from using the ObjectLab LocalDateCalculator to add days to an existing DateTime ...

8. timezone inconsistency when parsing datetime Strings

I convert two types of Strings to an ISO format using SimpleDateFormat for parsing and org.apache.commons.lang.time.DateFormatUtils for formatting (since they provide a ISO formatter out-of-the-box).

The pattern Strings for parsing are M/d/y ...

9. Convert time represented as String containing timezone names ('z') to UTC time

I want to convert Strings like "20000603163334 GST" or "20000603163334 -0300" to UTC time. The problem is that time zones in my strings can be 'general time zones', I mean they ...

10. Date TimeZone conversion in java?

I was looking for the simplest way to convert a date an time from GMT to my local time. Of course, having the proper DST dates considered and as standard as ...

11. Timezone conversion in java

I am implementing the following method-

DateTime getDateTime(Date srcDate, String destTimeZone) {
As the input is of Date object, I can safely assume the timezone of it as "UTC". I have to convert ...

12. Timezone conversion

I need to convert from one timezone to another timezone in my project. I am able to convert from my current timezone to another but not from one timezone to another. For example ...

13. Converting timezone for date faster using java

I have written this method for converting a date time zone. How do i reduce the execution time of this method further.

public static Timestamp convertTimeZone(final Timestamp fromDate, final TimeZone ...

14. Strange Java Timezone Date Conversion Problem

I want to convert ms-since-1970-timestamp to a date with timezone (Germany). Here are two variants of code which worked - at least, I remember using it and it worked:

import java.text.SimpleDateFormat;
import java.util.Calendar;
import java.util.Date;
import ...

15. How to convert system's timezone to user's timezone

I have a Timestamp value that comes from my application. The user can be in any given local TimeZone. This date is used for a WebService and the system irrespective of what ...

16. Convert Date/Time for given Timezone - java

I want to convert this GMT time stamp to GMT+13:

2011-10-06 03:35:05
I have tried about 100 different combinations of DateFormat, TimeZone, Date, GregorianCalendar etc. to try to do this VERY basic task. This ...

17. How to convert a data from 1 timezone to another timezone?

I have a date in UTC, how to convert it to other timezone?

18. convert epoch time to date

I've tried a million different ways of doing this, but with no avail. Any help would be much appreciated.

long millis = getMillisFromServer();
Date date = new Date(millis);
DateFormat format = new SimpleDateFormat("dd/MM/yyyy ...

19. How do I convert a String in a different timezone to UTC using joda

I managed to convert a valid date string in a different timezone to UTC as follows.

String DATE_FORMAT = "yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss";
DateTimeFormatter DATETIME_FORMATTER = DateTimeFormat.forPattern(DATE_FORMAT);
DateTimeZone dateTimeZone = DateTimeZone.forID("-03:00");
//date is 2000-01-01 00:00:00 -03:00
DateTime date ...

20. How to convert date time from one time zone to another time zone in JAVA

The records are getting saved according to time zone of US but if I want to show the same record back to user it should convert the server date time with(US ...

21. TimeZone Conversion

Please help to convert one timeZone to another.Given method is converting the given time to server Timezone where the server is located.But it is not converting from server time to any other user time. public static Calendar getTimeZoneDate(Date userDate,String userTimeZone,String serverTimeZone){ Calendar serverCalendar=null; Calendar localCalendar=new GregorianCalendar(TimeZone.getTimeZone(userTimeZone),Locale.US); int DATE=userDate.getDay(); int MONTH=userDate.getMonth(); int YEAR=1900+userDate.getYear(); int HOUR_OF_DAY=userDate.getHours(); int MINUTE=userDate.getMinutes(); //int SECOND=userDate.getMinutes(); //localCalendar.set(YEAR,MONTH,DATE,HOUR_OF_DAY,MINUTE,SECOND); localCalendar.set(Calendar.DATE, DATE); ...

22. Timezone offset to Timezone ID conversion

Hi, I was searching for one function that convert the timezone offset value in milliseconds to the corresponding TimeZone String ID representation. One more doubt is that, my client is sending me time in milliseconds, if I creat a Date object with this time will it represent the clients TimeZone or will it be the TimeZone of my machine where the ...

23. conversion between timezones

Hi all, I want to manage dates in differents timezones and want to take in consideration daylights. I have some reports that will be sent at a specified hour in different timezones and blocked when it is a holiday. I have some dates corresponding to holidays in differents countries. for Example : on 01 January 2006 at 7h00 PM, my report ...

24. Timezone related datetime conversion problem

On a web application on the client page the user can enter a datetime in the format of 'mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss a' using a calendar (which uses a javascript function). When the page postbacks to the server it has to know the user's timzone and then convert the user's datetime into UTC datetime (also considering daylight saving) before saving this into the ...

25. timezone conversion using DST

hi all iam working on timezone conversion. when source and destination timezones dont fall under DST my conversion function is working fine. But when any timezone is under DST, conversion is not appropriate.iam using jdk1.5.0_01 and jre1.5.0_01. i also have tzupdater.jar in my classpath Iam trying to convert 1/10/2007 in Pacific/Auckland to equivalent time in Africa/Casablanca. here goes my code... { ...

26. timezone conversion using jodatime

hi all iam trying to convert datetime in one timezone to corresponding datetime in other timezone. iam using jdk 1.5 and jodatime 1.5.1 Iam trying to convert March 30th 2008 2am in Europe/Moscow to equivalent datetime in india. Europe/Moscow undergoes DST on March 30th 2008 at 2am. So When i feed this time, iam getting this exception "Exception in thread "main" ...

27. Time Zone Conversion of a String

Hi All, I am parsing an XML file which provides me Date,Time Zone for UK and US. Date is fine but the time it provides me is in the Formate 17:00:00 UK and corresponding 12:00:00 US for same event. I would like to convert the time in the Formate 12:00 PM for US and 5:00 PM for UK. Can some one ...

28. Timezone Conversion

Also, If you're doing timezone-sensitive operation in a country like Australia that have many different timezone with pretty complex daylight saving changes in between, and if your product will run on a UNIX/LINUX platform, then maintaining the timezone definition becomes quite important. If I am not mistaken, Java doesn't use the olson database installed on local machine (i.e the "TZ" env ...

30. Timezone conversion

31. TimeZone Conversion

Hi Guys, I was messing around with the Facebook API. Basiclly i created a calendar event on facebook starting at 19 Nov, 14:15 and end 15:15, then used the api to get the event as XML. Now the event start date appeared as: 1227042900 1227046500 The 10-digit number represents the number of seconds since 1970 accurate down to the second, and ...

32. Convert Date from one timezone to another

First, you have to understand the following: Class Date does not know anything about timezones. A Date object does not have a timezone. So, you cannot convert a Date object into a specific timezone, because the Date object doesn't know anything about timezones. When you format a Date object into a string using a DateFormat object, then you can set the ...

33. Setting time in a different timezone without an auto conversion?

What I am trying to do seems pretty simple though am having trouble - I want to create a calendar object (or whatever else that might work) and set it to a specific timezone though I don't want it to convert the time that is already in there to the new time zone if that make sense. Ie: Calendar firstDate = ...

34. Problem in converting date to Indian time zone

Hi Experts , Am working on a projects that creates tickets and stores it in the data base we also store the date at witch the ticket is created . Tickets date of creation is pretty important as we generate reports base on "Ticket Creation Date". Our site is hosted in USA and we work in India . So the problem ...

35. Converting from GMT to Local Timezone using two seperate fields (date & time).

Hello everyone. I've been working on this for a while today and I've hit a wall as to what the issue is. Basically, I need to convert to a local time from GMT time. I am using a Calendar object, (which will contain the time in GMT format that I need to convert to local time). I am using a date ...

36. TimeZone conversion

37. Converting timezone

I have a requirement of converting times in different time zones to PST. example if I give "03:30 AM CST" my method should return time in PST. //input is of format - "03:30 AM CST" private static String convert(String time){ String hour = time.substring(0,2); String minutes = time.substring(3,5); String ampm = time.substring(6,8); String zone = time.substring(9,12); //construct calendar obj Calendar c ...

38. TimeZone Conversion Example

39. Converting date to different timezones

I used the following code to convert an input date string to different timezones. However, this code is working only if the input date string is in TimeZone GMT and fails to convert when it is in any other timezone. Can someone throw any light? public class TimeZoneTest { public static void main(String[] args) { new TimeZoneTest().setTimeZones(); } private void setTimeZones(){ ...

42. Timezone Conversion

43. conversion of date whith other timezone

java.util.Date objects always hold the date and time as an "epoch time", which is GMT baseed. Converting between this format an a text format is done with java.text.DateFormat objects and conversion for timezone is done at that point. Two SimpleDateFormat objects with different time zone settings will do the job for you.

44. Time conversion from one timezone to other (including DST)

I have been trying to write a time converter from onezone to other, but always it fails. public String convTimeZone(String time, String sourceTZ, String destTZ) { SimpleDateFormat parser = new SimpleDateFormat(DATE_TIME_FORMAT); SimpleDateFormat formatter = new SimpleDateFormat(DATE_TIME_FORMAT); Date specifiedTime = null; try { if (sourceTZ != null) parser.setTimeZone(TimeZone.getTimeZone(sourceTZ)); else parser.setTimeZone(TimeZone.getDefault()); // default to server's timezone specifiedTime = parser.parse(time); } catch (Exception e1) ...

45. Converting Dates between TimeZone

I need to convert the date&time into German date&time. Problem is Calender's time zone setting seems not to work as expected or I'm implementing it incorrectly. Here is the scenario: I/P Date String: 20100101101515 (yyyyMMddhhmmss format) Base on condition, I need to apply offset: I/P GMT time: During winter months apply +1 hour offset, during summer months apply +2 hour offset. ...

47. Problem in converting the String to Date with time zone GMT

Hi, When I tried to convert the string 12/05/2009 to Date, the time zone is set to BST.On the other hand, for the date 12/12/2009, the time zone is set to GMT. What should I do to get the time zone as GMT all the time.? SimpleDateFormat formatter = new SimpleDateFormat("dd/MM/yyyy"); String dateString = "12/05/2009"; System.out.println(myDate.toString());

48. How to Convert TimeZones

49. Convert date without timezone info

51. How convert date with different timezone?

This is quite weird. As is obvious from the output, datetime stores date in the correct timezone. but when converted it to date it applies the jvm's timezone. Why is it so? And why is this time conversion mad e so difficult by providing zillions of classes and methods such as Date, Calendar etc.

53. How to convert date in one timezone to date in another timezone?

Hi, I am building a web site which can be accessed by people across world in different timezones. I have a requirement to collect the data from the users in their respective timezones and convert it to the timezone in which the server is hosted before saving it. E.g. a user in "Kwajalein" timezone (GMT - 12) enters date as "10/23/2007 ...

54. Converting date and time of one timezone another timezone.

Hi, I need a requirement to get a time of one timezone to another timezone.Here I'm posing the code.It is showing same for both timezones.I may need to do more for this code. In the code I'm getting "Asia/Calcutta" timezone time and i have to get equalent time of "America/Los_Angeles". Could any one help me.Thanks in advance.

55. Convert New York timezone to UK timezone

56. converting a Date/Calendar object from local timezone to GMT ( date object)

Date object ALWAYS holds its value as the number of milliseconds since 1st Jan 1970 UTC. There is no timezone involved other than the implicit UTC. You only get a timezone when you convert it to a String. If you use the toString() method then you get the local timezone. If you format the Date using SimpleDateFormat without a specific timezone ...

57. convert time between two timezones

i need to get the exact Indian Time(IST) . from java code where our server is in Other than India. i used the following code to get Indian TIme. TimeZone tz=TimeZone.getTimeZone("GMT+05:30"); GregorianCalendar gc=new GregorianCalender(tz); the above code gets the Indian time and date based on the Server time and date where it is rummning. but i want to get The Exact ...

59. Converting a String date/time to a different Time Zone

Forgive me if this makes no sense, but I'm fairly new to Java and still trying to grasp all the formatting and what-not. I have a String, which is essentially a date/time, that I am pulling down from a mainframe file via a Quartz Job. It's format is "MM-dd-yyyy HH:mm:ss Z". The problem is that the mainframe server it is coming ...

60. Converting a Hong Kong timezone to TokyoTime zone

Hi everyone, currently i have a converting issue regarding about timezone. My application performs a transaction A and stores the server time (Hong Kong), 10:30:00 p.m into the database. Based in what i know, the time zone for Hong Kong is GMT +8. However when my Tokyo colleague prints a report based in that transaction. However he does not want to ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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