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1. boolean time format

2. Help with beginner Java program? Boolean?

For this assignment you are to write a single class, with main included. The job of the class is as follows: you are to read in two strings from the keyboard, string1 and string2, and then you are to determine if string1 and string2 are equal, character for character. Your program should report its answer as true or false. Note that ...

3. Boolean Trouble

I'm getting things going with classes, but, if you run this code, my print statement still shows "aV1.on" as "true", though "turnOff" has been activated. If I change line 5 to "turnOn", it also shows as "true". Are the other two reference variables in Main causing any conflict? I would expect "on" to reflect any toggling that's done. Java Code: public ...

4. Question for Java Boolean

5. Boolean help

public class InnerInsulation { boolean yes, no; public InnerInsulation() { yes = true; no = false; Scanner in = new Scanner(; CheckColour cl = new CheckColour(); if (cl.getUserColour() == 0 || cl.getUserColour() == 1) { System.out.println("Inner insulation is not available for the number of colour(s) choosen"); } else if (cl.getUserColour() == 2) { System.out.println("Would you like insulation?"); } } }

6. question about boolean when compareing String to arrayString

I would like to use a boolean to compare a String that is input by user to a String array. If I write my code this way I get the check (true/false) and the answers are printed 7 time (the number of items in the array). Can I some how limit the number of times the answer is printed. public void ...

7. Boolean: different two type of declare

@: JosAH, thank for your kindly help. But can you tell me more shortly, please. I think this problem come from what java work. Because in C/C++, above code will output false for two case, too :D @:I don't like your document you give to me, not because it's long, or not because it's hard. I don't like it because: It's ...

8. Problem with JRadioButton(string, icon, boolean)

First of all thank you for replying to my post. Togglebutton is a good idea, but i dont want to use it(for now). I prefer using JRadioButton(icon,boolean) or JRadioButton(string, icon, boolean). Maybe i made a mistake in my last reply. i think that firefox "page setup" has only an icon and not a text(since portrait is part of the icon). so ...

9. boolean problems

The mind-reading is because you mentioned that you had problems with a "boolean statement in Restaurant class. and the computeemployeebonus method", but there is no computeemployeebonus method in the code you pasted... From Scanner.nextBoolean: This method will throw InputMismatchException if the next token cannot be translated into a valid boolean value. So make sure the user inputs some value that can ...

10. Find my mistake? Smiley face smiling or frowning using boolean

1) In the SmileyMain.paint() method, you call drawFace() 2) At the end of the drawFace() method, you draw the mouth arc, using the default angle, which is the smile angle. 3) Next in paint(), you call drawMouth() 4) In drawMouth(), you set the mouth angle to the frown angle, then draw another mouth, so you end up with a frown and ...

11. JXPath with boolean attribute

You just can't bring yourself to post an actual example, can you? Well, here's all I can tell you from what you actually posted: 1) If the Student bean is the root of your context, then you don't need to specify it in your path. 2) "Attribute" has a specific meaning in XPath. Your bean defines a "succeeded" element, not an ...

12. boolean

Thanks for the reply. I do not have issue on compiling the code. I copied directly from JGasp, seems like my class name had been modified. Anyway, my problem is when I run the code, it will always give me false instead of true for 3 condition. What I'm hoping is for example, if I key in 30, both should be ...

13. Help writing a boolean

14. Booleans in Java?

15. boolean question

Consider the following function boolean somethingDifferent(boolean p, boolean q){ return ((p || q) && !(p && q)); } What does the function somethingDifferent return? It always returns false. It always returns true. It returns true when p is false. It returns true when q is false. It returns true whenever p is not equal to q. Can someone please explain this ...

16. boolean i think?

I have an assignment which involves setting up the advance booking for a hotel. Unfortuantely we have to create the uml firtst then generate the code all of which | have achieved with out to much problem, however now I have to create the logic and being a nube i seem to have hit a brick wall . I have a ...

17. Boolean Help

In the student class you have a read method which will get the name, age and grade from the user and stores it in the instance variable of Student class and returns you that object. so, you have to call the read method once, so that it will return you the object. This object contains in it the name, age and ...

18. a boolean that does not seem to work in an ifstatement

hey guys im really new to Java so please forgive my ignorance. i am coding a program that is about vistors to a museum. I have a boolean in an if statement that is meant to work like this.. If numberOfVisitors = 10 then it should set the boolean to true. once the boolean is true then it should print a ...

19. Boolean Syntax Question

TimSparq wrote: It looks good (and compiles) to me. You have to be careful because that's autoboxing at play. Autoboxing is a newrish feature that means that primitive types get wrapped in their respective Objects by the compiler for you in cases like this. I, and some others, feel that autoboxing is inherently evil even though at first glance it seems ...

20. how to use boolean /if/else

if my condition is true .... how can i return a boolean value..... i need some basic code about it..... and how i have to write my condition... like if(condition) ........... how to write this condition.... i already did a condition ... but programitically how i have to write condition true or false.... plz help me asap

21. compare two primitive boolean

For the sake of your sanity and the sanity of those who maintain, extend, re-use and mark your code, always use the simplest of the available options (assuming the options are equivalent in all other ways). In 2 years time when you're trying to add functionality to your old code, you'll curse yourself if it's littered with statements like !(a ^ ...

22. Boolean data type

23. boolean or Boolean

so ive been a little confused over this for a little while. Ive got a jsp site set up, the "customer" logs in, and thier info is pulled from a database. this "customer" could be set up for automatic payments and there is a field in the db that stores this. an action called "Customer" pulls the info from the db ...

24. boolean counting short program

Hi. Thank you for the advice. All of the advice is a huge help and gives me more to study and read over and over. Scanner class--I have been looking at so many examples I don't know where I picked that up from. input.nextInt(); When I read that code it is not clear the implications and functions and didn't realize it ...

25. boolean type question

I was under the impression that the boolean type's size wasn't defined; a JVM could use a bit with 0 for false and 1 for true or it could use an int with (int) 0 for false and (int) 1 for true or whatever else it wanted. The only thing that matters is that true and false are defined.

26. isInt Boolean - what have I done wrong..

If isInt is a method in the API then you would just call it in your code. By writing your own isInt method, this will override the existing isInt method. So when you call isInt, your method will be executed. Therefore if you want to use the existing isInt method, delete yours. Clear as mud?

27. Boolean question

28. Broken Booleans

29. Where to make changes in the code from Boolean to Y/N ?

Write a program that continues to accept a movie name (a max of 30 characters), its ticketing capacity, and the number of the tickets sold until the user indicates to stop. The program should display the column headings given below, the movie name, ticketing capacity, number of tickets sold, and number of seats available. Sample Input and Output: Enter a movie ...

30. booleans

31. boolean help

32. boolean on its own line

33. found java.lang.String but expected boolean ?

34. How to use boolean?

I now boolean is a data type that returns either true or false but i dont really know how to use it. Can someone please explain it for me with some common examples or codes would be highly appreaciated? One more question, how do you use boolean isDigit(char ch) or boolean isLetter(char ch)? Thanks

35. boolean response

I have a public static boolean which does an action and depending on how that works it returns true or false. (yeah you all know that), the bolean is called in the main meathod such as: checkUser(UserNameinput); checkUser is the booleans name. Now after calling that is their any way for me to see if that returned true or false in ...

36. booleans

37. How to reset a boolean?

39. two booleans

i have a simple program that has two booleans; boolean one = false; boolean two = false; if during the program both booleans are true then that will do something in my program. but i don't know the correct code for this.....I need to change the below line, anyone know what i need to change it to? thanks if (one = ...

40. boolean

can anyone help me with this? if the boolean is true the output should say "number is greater than 5" but there seems to be an error in my code...don't know what it is! thanks import*; public class purple { public static void main(String[]args) throws IOException { int num1; boolean keys; BufferedReader reader = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(; System.out.println("enter a number"); ...

41. Simple Boolean question - I hope

Besides one being a class and one a primitive, there's another difference that's not so obvious to the untrained eye. One of the big advantages of using the class is that you can tell whether it's been initialized or not. For example, consider the scenario where you have a boolean primitive as a class member variable. As you're debugging your program, ...

42. Boolean Question

HI Guys, I am working on with a JRadioButton which the user can selected between Options 1 , 2 or 3. My question is when the user selects a button and the information prints out it says true, false, false , false, if you selected option 1 for example. My question is, is there a way for it to say Selected ...

43. Boolean Code Understanding

public class Week1MouseEventsQ6 extends JFrame { DrawPanel canvas; public static void main(String[] args) { Week1MouseEventsQ6 w = new Week1MouseEventsQ6(); w.setVisible(true); } public Week1MouseEventsQ6() { setTitle("Week2MouseEvents: starting code"); setDefaultCloseOperation(JFrame.EXIT_ON_CLOSE); setSize(500,220); setLocation(300,300); canvas = new DrawPanel(7, 5); add(canvas); } class DrawPanel extends JPanel implements MouseListener { int numCols; int numRows; int clickColumnIndex = -1; int clickRowIndex = -1; int buttonNumber = 0; boolean ...

44. Public Boolean

45. Boolean double is in range of two other doubles.

First, I apologize if this is in wrong forum, seems I can never decide which forum I should ask my questions in and I get jumped on, so if this is wrong I am sorry. I have been searching every where for a boolean range checker to tell me if a user input (double) is in between two double numbers. Where ...

46. Help with Boolean

Hey guys , hope you all are good , i am in trouble , i want to write a program that reads three edges for a triangle and determines whether the input is valid. The input is valid if the sum of any two edges is greater than the third edge , i compared 2 values before but now how can ...

47. boolean problem

48. Boolean Issue,help needed.

boolean myValue2 = (1 == 0); if(0) == if(myValue2) == if(false) == if(1 == 0) ^ All if statements are false. Specifically, to answer your question, yes the boolean value could be false, then the program will execute the "else" block which prints to the user the year input is not a leap year. Is this the kind of information you're ...

49. boolean help

boolean taurus; int month,day; month=4; day=6; if((month == 4) && (day > 20)) taurus = true; if((month == 5) && (day < 22)) taurus = true; System.out.println("You are a Taurus"); else{ System.out.println("You are not a Taurus"); }} } } 1. I cant seem to get it to compile. What have i done as i get the error message "else without if" ...

50. Booleans

Basically i need to design a programme which determines if you are a taurus. taurus is from 21st of april to the 21st of may public class taurus { public static void main (String args []) { boolean taurus; int month,day; month=4; day=20; taurus = ((month>=3&&month<6)); if(month==4) { if(day>20) { System.out.println("You are a Taurus"); } else { if(month==5) { if(day<22) System.out.println("You ...

51. boolean problem

52. boolean IsCorrect

Hey I would like to write a method called boolean IsCorrect which return true if the entered is valid! The validity is cheked : If the enetered digit has 10 numbers. It should not contained any characters. I don't have the idea how to check them? Thanks for your help in advance.

53. Booleans to Bytes

I am trying to devolp an application that simulates a Robot controller for an FRC bot (the DS for any first members). I have 12 booleans I want to store in 2 bytes to send in a UDP packet. I tried to use the & operator on the first 8 to make a byte, but I get tossed an error "found ...

55. Logical (boolean)

56. Boolean Declaration

57. String to boolean?

58. Boolean help?

i'm stuck on a problem that seems really easy problem: if you want to go to six flags, you have to pay the fee of $50, be over 5, and live in the area int fee; // amount in dollar boolean closeby; // do you live close by. true only if you do int age; // age of person boolean admit; ...

59. boolean problems?? maths-header in need

60. How to get booleans out of a byte?

61. boolean game

Hello there. Trying to make a boolean game, and thought about haveing a randomizer, so people cannot just memorize the order. import java.util.*; public class Boolean_and_if_testing { public static void main(String args[]) { Scanner in = new Scanner(; System.out.println("Hello there! We will be playing a game. 25 percent chance to win. Choose one: True/False."); boolean ans = in.nextBoolean(); if (ans == ...

62. incomparable types: boolean and in jxl

wb = Workbook.createWorkbook(f,oldwb); WritableSheet lSheet = wb.getSheet(p_SheetName); if (lSheet != null & p_ColDataArray != null) { Object [] p_data = p_ColDataArray.getArray(); for(int i =0;i< p_data.length;i++) { String label = (String)p_data; int yCoord = i + Integer.parseInt(p_numRowsToSkip); Label l = new Label(l_xcoord,yCoord,label); lSheet.addCell(l); } } wb.write(); } wb.close(); catch(Exception e) { return e.getMessage(); } } Error is at line "if (lSheet != ...

63. Quick question on passing booleans

64. String to Boolean

Actually, I'm dealing with the retrieval in database and allowing user to choose 3 parameters in each criteria. The first one maybe a, b,c,d,e The second one is =, >, >=, <, <= The third one is value Before I'm thinking using string builder to append all the parameters, e.g. criteria one: String str1 = "a == 5" criteria two: String ...

65. Problems with boolean...

66. Parsing Boolean Formula

} } I know I need to run through the formula and keep track of open and closed brackets and also keep track of start and end positions of these brackets so the code knows which sections to parse separately but I just can't figure it out and pretty much feel like i've hit a brick wall. Any help will be ...

67. Is Boolean is unsigned data type

68. Boolean question

69. saving space with booleans

Hi, I have a prog with an array with many strings. It takes up a lot of space so I would like to compress each string to a boolean. Then each string will only take up 2 bits and I will save a lot of space. Please give me the code for this. regards

70. "Boolean" arguments and mutability

Hi All, I've come across an issue passing Boolean arguments into methods. Basically the problem is that the method needs to take Boolean values and then return those values, as well as other values. i.e: public SomeClass myMethod(Boolean bool1, Boolean bool2){ ... } The problem is that because Booleans are immutable, it's not possible to change their value inside the method. ...

71. Boolean vs boolean

I developed an application, tested it on my machine, the the test folks passed it on the test machine, then there was a failure in production. I have a function that takes an object and a Boolean value. so public Vector myFunc(Object obj, Boolean bo){ } I called this function via Vector vsr = myFunc(obj, true); this is what was failing ...

72. boolean evaluation

73. Not sure how to phrase a boolean...

74. boolean help

I'm having trouble understanding how to get the answer to this question from a practice AP test: Assume that an object reference by the variable gadget has two boolean methods, tooWide and tooLong. Consider the following expression: (gadget.tooWide() && !gadget.tooLong()) || gadget.tooLong() which of the following is equivalent to the expresion above? A. true B. false C. gadget.tooWide() D. gadget.tooWide() || ...

75. Need help with boolean. Help!!

76. public boolean solve()

/************************************************************************** * Used to check if current state of puzzle is legal. * In particular it checks that there are no * adjacent black cells, the number of cells visible from any numbered cell * is greater than or equal to the number in the cell, and the white cells * form a single connected region * * @return true if ...

77. Question About Timer(boolean isDaemon)

I'm creating a process that's going to run like a daemon to keep checking a database for updates and am using Timer() to run it at specified intervals. In the documentation I saw that you can create the timer object 2 ways: Timer timer = new Timer(); Timer timer = new Timer(boolean isDaemon); The latter obviously creates it to run like ...

78. Name for boolean mutators/accessors

79. Why does it say the boolean cannot be de-referanced?

[j] to false, if there is 1 or less 'trues' around it, or 4 or more 'trues' around it. So imagine at [j] there are 4 trues around it, it should become false. Same thing if there are 1 or less. If there are two or three, nothing should happen. In any case of you changing a value, use =. int ...

80. Boolean problem

82. String to Boolean

83. not reading correct boolean

84. hi every body (new member ,mercy plz), boolean problem

Hi, first you need to know is the difference between the binary operators: "=" and "==". The "=" operator is an assignment operator and in fact it is a function that returns the value it assigned. The second operator "==" is an equality operator used to check references or primitive types. See comments inline: boolean bool = true; if(bool = false) ...

85. Boolean Problems

86. Making a image boolean???

87. help boolean

It seems your only mistake is that you have a space where there shouldnt be. You can shorten both lines to: boolean beanShared = false; Its just saying that the variable "beanshared" is false. Since it is a boolean variable then it can only be true or false. FYI, there are certain rules for variables such as: Identifiers can be made ...

88. using checkbox as boolean

89. boolean problem

Imagine ten little cards with (different) numbers written on them, all neatly aligned next to each other. I want these cards to be sorted but I'm too stupid to do it myself; You don't care whether or not these cards are sorted but you are able to point at every card and check whether or not that card and the one ...

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