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Microsoft Office Word 2007 Tutorial
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4.Shape Picture WordArt SmartArt Clip Art
8.Controls ActiveX Macro
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Select the columns or rows
Select the columns or rows
Then click the Layout tab under Table Tools
Then click the Layout tab under Table Tools
Then click the Distribute Vertically
Then click the Distribute Vertically
Or Distribute Horizontally button in the Cells Size group.
Or Distribute Horizontally button in the Cells Size group.

6.4.Cell Row Column
6.4.1.Insert Additional Rows or ColumnsInsert Additional Rows or Columns
6.4.2.Delete Table, Rows, Columns, or CellsDelete Table, Rows, Columns, or Cells
6.4.3.Set column widths to fit textSet column widths to fit text
6.4.4.Evenly distribute columns and rowsEvenly distribute columns and rows
6.4.5.To merge two or more cells into a single cellTo merge two or more cells into a single cell
6.4.6.To split a cell into multiple cellsTo split a cell into multiple cells
6.4.7.Adjust columns and rows by drag and dropAdjust columns and rows by drag and drop
6.4.8.Adjust Column Widths and Row HeightsAdjust Column Widths and Row Heights
6.4.9.Change Text Direction Within CellsChange Text Direction Within Cells
6.4.10.Align Text Within CellsAlign Text Within Cells
6.4.11.To evenly distribute the height and widthTo evenly distribute the height and width
6.4.12.Change Cells MarginsChange Cells Margins
6.4.13.Change Cell SizesChange Cell Sizes
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