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1. Constants in dozer mappings

does anybody know how to put a constant value into an attribute with dozer? I haven't seen anything about that in the dozer's documentation

2. How to map collections in Dozer

I'd like to do something like:

ArrayList<CustomObject> objects = new ArrayList<CustomObject>();
DozerBeanMapper MAPPER = new DozerBeanMapper();
ArrayList<NewObject> newObjects =, ...);

3. Dozer InstantiationException mapping Calendar class

I'm getting an InstantiationException when trying to map Date -> Calendar. Simple test follows:

    public void testConversion()

4. Non-trivial Dozer mappings

I'm struggling to get Dozer to bend to my will for something that I feel should be quite simple. I have two similar models that I wish to map ...

5. Map collection size in Dozer

Is there a way to map collection size in dozer?

class Source {
    Collection<String> images;

class Destination {
  int numOfImages;

6. Dozer deep mapping not working

I am trying to use dozer 4.1 to map between classes. I have a source class that looks like this:

    public class initRequest{

7. How to find mappings of attribute in Dozer at runtime?

I use Dozer to map between Java beans. I have a dozer mapping file with all the mappings present in it. A sample mapping is shown below:


8. Get field by field mapping in dozer

I am using dozer to map bean properties. The way I do it is :, destClass). This returns entire mapped class. However, Is there a way to get what individual ...

9. Dozer mapping inner classes

I need to map class A into class C using dozer framework.

public class A {

private String fielda1;
private String fielda2;

public String getFielda1() {
    return fielda1;
public void setFielda1(String fielda1) {

10. Using Dozer framework for object mapping in java

I am using Dozer framework for my object mapping in java. Now I got stuck because of the following problem: Following are my classes:

    public class BaseQuestion

11. Dozer: map single field to Set

How do you map a single field into a Set in Dozer? I have a class like:

class FooDTO {
    private IdDto bar;
    private IdDto baz;

class FooDomainObject ...

12. Dozer bidirectional mapping (String, String) with custom comverter impossible?

I have a Dozer mapping with a custom converter:

    <field custom-converter="">

13. Dozer bean mapping : how to limit depth?

I'm using Dozer to convert my objects from the database layer to the data-transfer-object layer. Developers use mapping with xml files (with wildcard="false" to exclude all fields first and include ...

14. Mapping primitive classes (String, Boolean, etc) to each other with Dozer

I'm trying to use Dozer to automatically map from primitive classes to each other. At the end, the code might end up looking like this.

Boolean resultBoolean ="true", Boolean.class);
While Dozer does ...

15. Mapping value objects with Dozer

I'm using Dozer to map my DTOs to JPA entities. One of the use-cases is that a DTO representation of an already existing entity arrives on a WS, then I find ...

16. Collection Mapping

Suppose I have the following classes:

class A1 {
  List<B1> bList;

class B1 {
  Long id;


class A2 {
  List<Long> bList;
I want to map class A1 to A2 with Dozer, where ...

17. custom dozer mapping

I'm trying to use Dozer to convert an instance of

class Source {
  private List<Foo> foos = new ArrayList<Foo>();

  public List<Foo> getFoos() {
    return foos;


18. Dozer - Mapping to a common destination class from two source classes

Here's my scenario. I have three simple classes: SourceClassA, SourceClassB & DestClass. I have two custom converters defined inside the mapping XML in the following way:


19. BeanUtils.copyProperties() vs

I am using BeanUtils.copyProperties() for bean to dto mapping when I need to map all fields and field names are same. But I need not all field of source ...

20. How to map complex object collection to primitive collection in Dozer?

I'm trying to map A#foo to B#fooIds Today I'm doing this : Classes :

public class A {
  private Set<Foo> foos;
  // ... omit getter and setters

public class B {
  private ...

21. Dozer Converter map String to String

I am working with Dozer and it is mapping our JAXB objects that are coming from our WebService to business object that reside in the service layer of our application. ...

22. Dozer: Mapping of class with no default constructor

Lets say I want to map the following two classes:

public class A {

    String member;

    public void setMember(String member) { this.member = member }

24. Dozer mapping problem - How to map lists

25. A basic Dozer example - Bean to bean mapping

Hi all, I am trying to work with the [Dozer |] which is a Java Bean to Java Bean mapper that recursively copies data from one object to another. If anyone has experience in this and has got a very very basic example they could you provide I would be very grateful - there doesnt seem to be much documentation online ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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