Java operators can be grouped into the following four groups:

Arithmetic Operators

Arithmetic operators are used in mathematical expressions in the same way that they are used in algebra. The following table lists the arithmetic operators:

Java Arithmetic Operators

-Subtraction (unary minus)
+=Addition assignment
-=Subtraction assignment
*=Multiplication assignment
/=Division assignment
%=Modulus assignment

The operands of the arithmetic operators must be of a numeric type. You cannot use arithmetic operators on boolean types, but you can use them on char types.

Java Bitwise Operators

Java bitwise operators can be applied to the integer types: long, int, short, char, byte. Bitwise Operators act upon the individual bits of their operands.

Bitwise Operators

~Bitwise unary NOT
&Bitwise AND
|Bitwise OR
^Bitwise exclusive OR
>>Shift right
>>>Shift right zero fill
<<Shift left
&= Bitwise AND assignment
|=Bitwise OR assignment
^=Bitwise exclusive OR assignment
>>= Shift right assignment
>>>= Shift right zero fill assignment
<<= Shift left assignment

Relational Operators

The relational operators determine the relationship between two operands. The relational operators are:

Relational Operators

==Equal to
!=Not equal to
>Greater than
<Less than
>= Greater than or equal to
<= Less than or equal to

Boolean Logical Operators

The Boolean logical operators operate only on boolean operands.

Boolean Logical Operators

&Logical AND
|Logical OR
^Logical XOR (exclusive OR)
||Short-circuit OR
&&Short-circuit AND
!Logical unary NOT
&= AND assignment
|=OR assignment
^=XOR assignment
==Equal to
!=Not equal to
? :Ternary if-then-else

Operators in Java, in Descending Order of Precedence

Unary++ -- + - ! ~ (type)
Arithmetic* / % + -
Comparison<<= >>= instanceof == !=
Bitwise& ^ |
Short-circuit&& ||
Conditional? :
Assignment= op=
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